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150+ Anniversary Wishes & Messages for Parents

Anniversary is a very special event in one's life. Congratulating someone on their wedding anniversary is an important task and if they are your dearest Mom and Dad, then you must congratulate them with a very special message. The wedding anniversary wishes for your Mom and Dad will let them know how much you are thinking about them. If you send them a good message, both your Mom and Dad will be happy. That's why we have brought a lot of wedding anniversary wishes messages for your Mom and Dad. Now copy the best wishes and share your baby doll Mom and Dad.  
Your relationship strengthens year after year
In the eyes of each other, you can’t see even a single tear
You have been a great parents,
As when you are with me, there is nothing to fear.
Wish you a very happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.
Whenever there was darkness,
You were the light for each other.
You have been so great together,
That I am sure, no matter whatever happens,
You will never fight with each other
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
You still have that love for each other
It only increases as you are growing older
When you are together,
There is nothing to bother.
Happy anniversary mom and dad.
Dear Mom and Dad
You are the best gift I have ever had
I know you can do anything to make each other smile
When anyone of you is sad.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Happy Anniversary Dear Mom & Dad,
I am lucky to have both of you as my parents.
May your love blossom like flowers every year.
They always make me happy
They are my mom and dad
Happy anniversary to both
An occasion to be glad
Happy Anniversary To Mom and Dad
Dad loved me with passion
Mom loved me with care.
I wish Happy anniversary to the
World’s most beautiful pair.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
You always look beautiful
How so ever You are  Dressed
Having a Mom dad like you
I feel really Blessed
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
You are great as parents
You are great as a guide
Your togetherness makes me happy
It makes me feel pride
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
I respect dad’s hard work
I remember mom’s flair
I  can’t forget dad’s sacrifice
I can’t forget mom’s care
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
You made my childhood happy
You never let me feel sad
A very happy marriage anniversary to you
World’s Greatest Mom and Dad.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Salute to the loving Dad
Respect to the loving mom
You made it a dream palace
otherwise, it was just a home.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Happy anniversary wishes for mom and dad
Happy anniversary wishes for mom and dad
Together you look awesome
Your pair is so great
You are  lovely parents
Anyone finds it with fate
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Happy anniversary wishes for mom and dad
Happy anniversary wishes for mom and dad
Happy Anniversary to my all-time favorite couple
Mom & Dad,
You share wonderful relationship &
I wonder how someone can be like as perfect as both of you.
You raised me decently,
You loved me endlessly,
I wish to see you happy with each other every day
Happy Anniversary, This day means a lot to me.
Words are not enough to express my love for you Mom & Dad,
My wishes and countless blessings will always be there for both of you,
Wishing very happy anniversary and amazing day to my parents
No Matter, how hard were situations, you have always been together,
Cheers to the lovely memories and time you created for each other,
Thanks for being with us always,
Happy Anniversary dear mom and dad
Wishing you many more happy years and blissful life with each other, Happy Anniversary to an Ideal couple
May parents are next to the God for me,
They have guided me, supported me and understood me,
Lucky to have both of you as my parents,
Happy Anniversary and lots of wishes to you
Nothing can change the fact that my parents are symbol of unconditional love and unbreakable bond. I am happy that I am part of your life. Happy anniversary dear parents, May God offer you many more happy years to enjoy with each other. Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad
I would have never believed in the relationship like Marriage if you would have not made me understood the real meaning of unconditional and endless love.
Thanks, Mom & Dad.
Happy Anniversary, enjoy your day at fullest.
Dear Parents,
Seeing you happy with each other is like an eye treat for me,
It makes me feel happy and content,
Be happy always,
Happy Anniversary to my cutest Mom & Dad.
There are no two dearer parents than you, mom and dad. May your anniversary give you all the happiness and joy that you both deserve. Happy anniversary!
I wish that your anniversary will bring you many more happy and loving memories. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
Your anniversary is also a day of thanksgiving because of the year that has passed and the challenges that have been overcome. Thank you for loving each other and giving us a happy family. Happy anniversary!
I am the person that I am now because of the love and care that you showed not only to me but to each other as well. I’m so blessed to have parents who are still so madly in love with each other. Happy anniversary!
It’s time to celebrate this wonderful milestone in your life. Another year of challenges overcome, and a new year to make new memories together. Happy anniversary to you, mom and dad!
Whenever this day comes, we cannot help but reminisce and feel grateful for all that you have survived as husband and wife. I know that it has not been easy over the years, but it’s also a testament that true love survives. Happy anniversary to you, mom and dad!
May every year that passes bring you closer to one another. Stay happy and in love, guys. Happy anniversary!
Thanks for putting so much pressure on me by setting the bar so high for what a good marriage looks like. I have a lot to live up to. Happy anniversary, Mum and Dad!
I knew from the very start. I hope my future looks exactly like your present. Happy anniversary to my lovely parents.
Mum and Dad, I see every day how happy you make each other. I hope you continue to make each other that happy every year to come. Happy anniversary!
Your togetherness in good and bad times has taught us teamwork. Your tolerance for each other’s bad habits has taught us patience. Your support during each other’s struggles has taught us solidarity. Your lives as our parents have taught us how to live. Happy anniversary!
You’re an inspiration to those lucky enough to know you. I’m lucky to have you as my parents.
Seen your union right from the birth, You are the best couple that walks this Earth!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Cooperation is what I have learned from you, Not just that, also learned about the love that’s true! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
You know how to keep alive the spark, which would drive away from the situations that are dark!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Great care you have taken of each other, Even in the times when by the world you both were bothered!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Great respect for your marriage is what I give, And I’m so lucky that as your kid I live!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
You two, for each other, are great companions, And today I wish eternity for your union!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Nothing seems true and greater than your relation, In which every year love goes through an elevation!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Your’s is a great marriage I have known, In which, all the bitterness, away you have thrown!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
You explain to us what a committed love is. And that has nurtured the growth of our family. Happy anniversary.
Congratulations my dear parents! Your love life has been a beautiful piece of a storyline for us. We hope to see many such lovely instances.
You both are proof of love in a single soul, divided by two bodies. Happy anniversary!
Volcanoes, earthquakes, or tsunamis – nothing has the power to shatter the bond my parents share. Happy anniversary!
The beautiful day has come when we get time to commemorate the love of such a beautiful couple. Wishing you more and more happy moments in life. Happy wedding anniversary!
Years are passing by, but the love in between you stays intact without turning dull or old. This journey is priceless for your children. Congrats!
A lovely house, two wonderful parents, and a great learning experience all through life. It’s your anniversary, but we have got a gift. Happy wedding anniversary, mom and dad.
Wishing you everlasting love and healthy life ahead. Congratulations, my dear parents!
Life is not so easy, but you both have smiled all the way and made it so beautiful. Happy anniversary!
Only two special people can fight every storm and still make life a wonderful thing. Thank you, guys. Happy anniversary!
To the best mom and dad in the world, I wish you a very happy anniversary. I’m really very glad that you stayed strong in your love and overcame your obstacles together. I love you guys!
In this world of fake promises, you two are examples of true love and dedication. I wish someday I will have a happy married life of these many years. Happy anniversary!
You have an amazing story to tell. You have been with each other in all the ups and downs in life. Everything good I have in me reflect how wonderful parents you have been to me!
As you begin another year of togetherness, may you both be blessed with good health and long life so that you will spend many more years in love and happiness. I love you so much, mom and dad. Happy anniversary!
You have proven to everyone that there’s no perfect marriage. But an imperfect marriage can still be the happiest, strongest, and most loving marriage. I’m so proud of you, mom and dad. Happy anniversary!
So many years and you never get bored, Every day your love, high has soared!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
You two are the parents that all kids wish to have. You are the married couple that every husband and wife hope to be. You make me so proud to call you mom and dad. Happy anniversary to you both!
Happy anniversary to the most wonderful parents in the world. I will be forever fans of your love story. Stay in love, you two!
God truly blessed me because He gave me two wonderful people I can call mom and dad. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I love you so much. Happy anniversary!
I cannot begin to describe how blessed I am to have parents who are still crazy about each other even after so many years. Happy anniversary, mom and dad! Stay happy and in love.
Over the years, you took good care of your relationship. As good as how you took care of us your children. You managed to stay in love and happy together. Now you’re celebrating another anniversary. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
I wish you more love, joy, and happiness in your life. You deserve all the good things in the world. Happy anniversary, mom and dad.
Troubles have come and gone, but here you are still standing strong and more in love than ever. Happy anniversary to the best parents in the world!
You never left each other when the going went tough. Instead, you stood by each other and faced the challenges together. I’m so happy that you’re celebrating another anniversary. Stay happy and in love, mom and dad!
There isn’t a perfect gift for a couple like you, There are just loads of wishes that I can give you!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Graduation, birthday, or first job – no celebration of my life would have been worthy if not for your anniversary which makes our family stronger with each passing year. Happy anniversary”.
You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy anniversary to our dear parents.
With every passing year, your marriage isn’t becoming dull, old and thankless. It’s becoming beautifully vintage and exquisitely priceless. Happy anniversary.
Because of you two, I believe that there’s a love that’s true. Thank you for loving each other, and for teaching us the real meaning of marriage. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
You are living examples of a happy-ever-after. I’m so lucky to have parents who are still so ridiculously in love with each other. Happy anniversary!
All that I am is because of the two of you. On your very special day, I want to let you know that you mean the world to me. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
Home we stay in is born out of your love, Where the squirrels play and on olive branches there are doves!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
When I marry, I would want a relation as beautiful as your’s, Whereby love and friendship everything is cured!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Words are less to describe your bond, And how of each other you are fond!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Your reason for celebrating your anniversary maybe love. But my reason for celebrating your anniversary is that you both are like a blessing from the gods above. Happy anniversary mom and dad.
Happy anniversary to the best mom and dad in the world. It was not an easy road getting here, but you proved to the world that there’s nothing that cannot be overcome when you love each other with all your heart. May you be blessed with many more happy years together.
Today marks not only your anniversary but also the truth that you are always meant to be with each other. Let’s celebrate this day with happiness and love! Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
Apart from being the best mom and dad to us, you are also the best husband and wife to each other. For that, your story will always be my favorite love story! Happy anniversary to you both!
May you be blessed with many more happy and loving years together. You are my life’s biggest inspiration. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
Happy anniversary to my dear parents. Keep annoying each other for eternity. You are the funniest parents in this world.
I’m tired of choosing sides between you two. Please, stop annoying each other and make a peace agreement on this extraordinary day!
Watching you two is like watching a romantic comedy on screen. I’m proud of you dear parents. Congratulations on your anniversary!
Happy anniversary mom and dad. It’s time you two go on a vacation and make peace with each other.
Congratulations to the funniest and friendliest mom and dad in this world on their happy anniversary. I love you both!
Your love story is nothing less than a Tom and Jerry cartoon. We enjoy seeing you love and fight with each other. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
I have been foolish, I have been crazy. But this is all because I have parents like you. Happy anniversary, guys!
I deserve a trophy because I know it’s your anniversary. Are you thinking to give a reward? Why not go outside our dear ward? Happy wedding anniversary!
Every year, we celebrate this day of your union. But I still wonder why you both married each other in spite of being so opposite. Happy anniversary!
Being a kid of a perfect couple is a blessing, By best couple, to you two I’m addressing!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Your love was what that gave me life, A very happy wedding anniversary to you and your wife!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
A day when we celebrate love that’s intense, Is today, when true love will spread it’s cense!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
You are never two but one for me, Because, you two, as one unit I see!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Not just great parents but inspiring couple you are, Who, with their love have come so far!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Bonded by great love are you two, And a couple like you are very few!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Love and humility, in you both I have seen, In all the years in which with you I have been!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Mom and dad, happy anniversary! I don’t know what to give two people who already have everything, so let me give this heartwarming wish that you will stay in love forever.
Thank you for being such wonderful parents to me. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
I know that you argue and get annoyed by each other, but not to the point that it will affect the happy atmosphere at home. I love you, mom and dad, because you choose to rise above your challenges together. Happy anniversary!
Because of you, mom and dad, I know now that true love exists. Thank you for making me believe in a happy-ever-after. Happy anniversary!
My only wish is that I will find the same kind of love that both of you share. It has withstood the test of time, and it has strengthened your love for each other over the years. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
Having the childhood I had was the greatest give for me. If not for parents like you, I do not know where I would be.
I always thought nothing could be as flawless and perfect as my life. It turns out, your marriage is. Happy anniversary.
No one in the world would understand you in the best way you each other do! Happy wedding anniversary!
No words can describe my wishes for you, my dear parents! Happy wedding anniversary!
Dear beloved parents, hearty congratulations on completing one more year of love and togetherness. You, as a couple, are the meaning of love. God bless you.
Happy wedding anniversary dear mama and papa. You are that amazing couple that every kid would like to have as parents.
Dear parents, you both are an inspiration to the part of the world that thinks love doesn’t exist. Have a great day ahead.
Happiest anniversary to the couple that every kid would want. Your joy, guidance, and unconditional love mean the world to me.
Lucky to see your love all through my growing years. I hope to be the same loving spouse for my partner. Congratulations for another year!
Today, I feel the luckiest child anyone can have. And that’s only because of you both. I hope to give the same love and warmth to my child too. Happy anniversary!
You have shown us what a long-lasting and successful marriage is. A happy wedding day to you both!
You have taught us to add consistency to fill the gaps of imperfection to make a successful marriage. Cheers to your love life!
Yes, we came to know love and truth can exist under one roof when you stay honest with each other. Happy anniversary, beloved parents!
A big thank you for filling our home with the balloons of love, affection, and positivity. Happy anniversary!
You both have been extraordinary role models for friendship, love, parenthood, and marriage. We couldn’t ask you anything more.
You have been my most favorite team ever. Lots of love, your favorite fan. Happy anniversary!
You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy anniversary to our dear parents.
Mom and dad, you both have been my pillars in life. Today, let’s raise a toast to the day your hearts came together. Wishing you a happy anniversary!
Love birds like you both are difficult to find these days. Your sweet and salty marriage is nothing less than a fairy tale. Wish to see many more years of your togetherness.
It is because of this day, which happened years ago, that we have such beautiful parents. We would not only thank you but also thank our grandparents for uniting you as a couple. Keep loving each other!
With every passing year, we see your love blossoming and growing stronger. We hope to find the same kind of bonding that you share as a couple. Looking forward to seeing many such loving years. Cheers!
For you, we are the reason for a happy family. And it is the other way for us. You mean everything to us, and you make a joyous family. We wish you a happy wedding anniversary mommy and daddy.
Your marriage is aging like a fine wine. It is turning out outstanding and rich with every year. Your love makes us learn so many things in life. We couldn’t thank you enough for it. We wish you many more such tasteful years in your lives.
Mom and dad, your affection is developing with every day, every month, and every year. We congratulate you with all our hearts. We hope to see more of such love and affection in the coming years.
It’s really sad that today you can’t celebrate a special anniversary. Well, because you have a special lovey-dovey every day. Happy anniversary to my beloved parents!
I love you both, even when you guys get wrinkly and old. Enjoy your special day, mom and dad.
Two love birds, your three children, and a mortgage – that makes us all a special family. Happy anniversary to our beloved parents.
Today’s your anniversary! You are just an odd couple, but you make a perfect pair. Happy special day!
Even short and sweet messages could touch your parent’s hearts. Try any of these short anniversary wishes for your parents and notice them smiling with joy.
Dear mom and dad, your marriage is like a guide for others and shows what true love is. Congratulations on your anniversary!
I feel so lucky to call you both my parents and I hope to have a love like yours someday. Happy anniversary!
May your love story never have an end. Wish you a very happy anniversary dad and mom!
Although this is your special day, to share with one another. It is special too for everyone who loves you. Happy anniversary.
May your marriage bloom like a flower every year. May there be only laughter and no tear!
In the present world, not many couples seem to be connected as you are. You make an impressive combination, which is out of the world. Hearty congratulations!
I love the concoction of your bond: kilos of affection, a few grams of warmth, a dash of humor, a spoonful of support, and a pinch of softness. This is a fantastic recipe for a couple to live. Applause! Happy anniversary.
We have not seen such a joyful couple as you. You inspire the whole world around us. We wish you a cherishing life ahead till the end of your life. Cheers to your marriage anniversary.
It is so difficult to love and then to maintain the relationship for so long. Proud to have you as my parents. I wish you a lovely commemoration. Happy wedding anniversary to both of you.
The lovely moments of your life have been beautiful snapshots of our lives. We hope to see more of such grinning instances in the coming years. We wish you a fantastic wedding anniversary.
Wishing you a terrific marriage anniversary. We have been living with you since so many years and didn’t realize how time flew under the shade of your love. We dream many more such wonderful times with you, mama and papa!
We have learned from you that celebrations do not just revolve around pricey gifts. In fact, it is the time to cherish the bond that you share. Cheers to another beautiful year. Happy anniversary! Love you both!
It’s really a special day for our happiness. We have grown up seeing and feeling your love. We admire the bond that you share, our beloved parents. We want to see the love multiplying in the coming years. Congratulations on another beautiful year!
Every kid wishes to have parents like you both. Every couple wishes to be lovers like you both. And every family looks for the strength that you have given us to date. Happy wedding anniversary to the world’s best parents!
Momma, you taught me to put with whatever God gives us. Daddy, you taught to put the strongest step forward, no matter what. Together, you both have taught us to be a happy family. Happy marriage anniversary!
Your loving bond during all the ups and downs taught us how to be a team. Your tolerance all through the times for each other’s behaviors and mood taught us to be calm. You both make a perfect couple. Cheers to one more wonderful year!
A lot of children find it difficult to know what they want in life. But it was not for me. I know I have to become like you. Happy anniversary guys!
Dear parents, do you know you are the lucky couple on earth? That’s because you understand each other so well! You not only love each other but also worship each other. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
A great anniversary celebration to the couple whose mantra for a successful marriage has been ‘troubles come and go, all you need to make sure is that the children never know. Fantastic as you both!
We thought nothing is more perfect and awesome as my life. But today, we realized your marriage is! Have a lovely day, parents!
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