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Happy Birthday Poems for Someone Special

Sending a beautiful birthday poem to greet someone is a great idea. Therefore I have collected a huge list of happy birthday poems for you. Get the best birthday wishes poem and send it to the birthday boy/girl right now.

You're happy and young at heart,
Your energy knows no bounds,
You make us all look ancient,
It's time to nap and slow down.

You're full of piss and vinegar,
All set to spring into action,
We all feel old next to you,
Stop or you'll end up in traction.

We are not really complaining,
We're just a bunch of old farts,
We secretly wish we were you,
You're happy and young at heart.
This birthday wish is for you,
I hope you like what I wrote,
It took me many hours to do it,
The words were stuck in my throat.

At first my mind was a total blank,
I didn't know what to say to you,
So I will wish you what's in my heart:
May your wildest dreams come true.

Happy birthday!
I hope I'm the very first person,
To wish "happy birthday" to you,
A day of joy, peace and wonder,
The stuff of dreams that come true. 

For you deserve the very best,
A gift as rare and precious as gold,
Like an all-inclusive trip to Neverland,
Where you will never get old.
Because today’s your birthday,
And because you're extra nice,
One wish is not enough for you,
So you must wish twice!

I think you're so amazing,
And you deserve the very best,
I wish you a wonderful life,
Filled with love and happiness.

Wishing you only good things,
Hope you have the best day ever,
Not a second, not an hour,
But a day so great that lasts forever.

Happy birthday!
Hope your birthday is fun,
Filled with family and friends,
From the moment it begins,
Until the second it ends.

This is such an extra-special day,
So it makes me happy to tell you,
I wish you years and years of joy,
Doing whatever you choose to do.

Happy birthday!
Today's your birthday party,
But I can't be there with you,
So here's a special birthday wish,
For good luck in all you do.

May your balloons never pop,
May your cake be the sweetest,
May your gifts be plentiful,
May this birthday be your happiest.
Happy birthday to someone special,
Someone who's no less than great,
Hope your heart is open to fun,
Now's the time to celebrate. 

Your birthday is very special to me,
A day that stands out from the rest,
It's because you're close to my heart,
Because you deserve only the best.
May your birthday be epic,
May you never settle for less,
May your special day be special,
May you be blessed with the best.

May your dreams never die,
May your wishes come true,
May your birthday be ageless,
May you be born anew.
When you start to see your youth fade,
And your looks have seen better days,
I'll be here to say you're sexy,
Even when your nose hair is gray.

You may not be over the hill,
But you say "in my day" too much,
When you're not clubbing at Costco,
You're napping right after brunch.

You may be older than you think,
But you still have lots more time,
Celebrate each and every day,
Just don't nod off before nine.
I have many friends,
But one above the rest,
That one is you,
You are simply the best.

It's a friend like you,
In good times and bad,
Who asks for nothing,
Yet offers a hand.

Wherever I go in life,
There's only one thing to do,
I must have a big heart,
And be a friend like you.
"If I knew you and you knew me,
If both of us could clearly see,
And with an inner sight divine,
The meaning of your heart and mine.

I'm sure that we would differ less,
And clasp our hands in friendliness.
Our thoughts would pleasantly agree,
If I knew you and you knew me."
Welcome to the metal age,
You have solid gold for teeth,
Brilliant silver for hair,
And steel joints underneath. 

Your body is always aching,
That is not a reason to pout,
Be glad you still have stamina,
To blow all your candles out.
Be the best you can be,
Imagine what you can do,
Remember who you are,
There's nobody like you,
Honor your past,
Dwell on your heart,
All you need is love,
Your birthday is a start.
It's your birthday again,
Time to wish you good things,
May you see the wonder,
And the joy a birthday brings. 

To you, I wish the best of health,
And the best of luck in all you do,
Mostly I wish you love,
For a life that's pure and true.
On your birthday every year,
I thank God you were born,
For without you in my life,
My love would be forlorn.

As each year brings new tests,
Sometimes I just want to hide,
You bring me out of my darkness,
I'm glad you're by my side.

Happy birthday!
My very best wishes,
For the very best day,
Happy may you be,
In every possible way.

Morning, noon and night,
And every hour in between,
May your day be special,
As only birthdays can be. 
Let the God decorate each
golden ray of the sun reaching u
with wishes of success,
happiness and prosperity 4 u,
wish you a super duper happy birthday.
Wishing you dreams
To guide your path,
Wishing you health
To keep your soul happy,
Wishing you pleasure
To want nothing and have it,
Wishing you the happiest day in the world
You deserve it all!
Happy Birthday !!
On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
Happy Birthday !!
A cheery "hello" on your birthday,
And wishes for everything bright,
May you know only joy and wonder,
Morning, noon and night.

Happy birthday!
I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,
Dreaming of you is divine,
You give me so much pleasure,
I want to be with you now,
You are my special treasure.

May we celebrate all night,
I'm into all that you do,
Let's make today so steamy,
That's my birthday wish for you.
Another year has passed,
It's your birthday once more,
You should feel very special,
And let your spirit soar.

Celebrate every moment,
There's no time to be blue,
Today is your birthday,
Today is all about you.

May you always find joy,
North, south, east and west,
Happy, happy birthday to you,
I wish you the very best.
Wishing You A Deep Heartened “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”
And Prays Full of Best Wishes
That all your dreams May come true in the
NEW Year of your life which Starts today
Another Year
Another birthday, another year
May you have problems that disappear
May you have health
And a bit of wealth
May you share
With those who care
May the coming year
Be one of good cheer.
I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.
This year will be great,
This I wish for you,
You deserve all you want,
May your dreams come true.
Wishing you much happiness, dear
On this special day
And for the coming year
May blessings come your way.
Be thankful for each day you have
Thank God in heaven above
Fill your life with happy not sad
Remember you are loved.
Another year has passed,
Your birthday is here,
May this year bring joy,
Twelve months you hold dear.
Follow your true bliss,
Achieve all you can,
Dream the good dream,
Create a new plan.
This year will be great,
This I wish for you,
You deserve all you want,
May your dreams come true
Dear friend, let me say
something on this special day
Though we are far apart,
You'll be always in my heart.

I cherish those moments,
our silly fights and funny talks
and how we grew together,
stayed united in grief and laughter.
On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
Another year has passed
A birthday for you is in store
May you find this coming year
Be one with lots of open doors.
Many are the joys in life.
I'm blessed with quite a few.
Still, most of all I'm grateful for a person like you!
I'm wishing you a birthday
You never will forget,
A day packed full of pleasure,
Your very best birthday yet.

And when your birthday's over,
I'm wishing quite sincerely
That happiness and joy and fun
Will fill your birthdays yearly!
You might say we're long in the tooth,
Eating chewy food is a nightmare,
We can't sink our teeth into a steak,
Because they will just stay there.  

Our aches and pains are worse,
We feel and look like hell,
BENGAY is now our BFF,
And the best cure for old man smell.

Sleeping through the night is tricky,
It's now our Achilles' heel,
Taking a nap anywhere helps,
Except when we're behind the wheel. 

We tend to forget names and faces,
Senior moments are now our friend,
We wish people wore name tags,
But we always forget to ask them.
You know all the elevator tunes,
You hate what's on Billboard's charts,
You think today's music is pure trash,
You crave The Beatles like an old fart.

You don't know the names of bands,
Yet you still feel like a swinger,
Don't let folks call you a hippie,
Peace out and give them the finger.
So what if you're getting older,
There are worse things to be,
Like a goofy, pimply teenager,
With zero self-esteem.

So what if you got a few wrinkles,
There are worse things to have,
Like a case of the twentysomethings,
And a room at Mom and Dad's.

To me, you're simply wonderful.
Everything about you is just right,
So have a happy birthday,
And let's party all night.
Wow, another birthday is here,
What can I really say?
You look pretty good,
Even with a touch of gray. 

Your eyes are still so blue,
You're still so kind and mellow,
Your smile is just as infectious,
Even though your teeth are yellow.

Yes, this birthday is grand,
Your life's as good as gold,
But you can't fool Mother Nature,
You are still getting old.
I wish you saw what I can see,
I see a heart so full of love,
I see eyes so hopeful and wise,
And I know what you're made of.

I wish you saw what I can see,
I see promise a mile long,
I see unvisited, distant strength,
And I know in you travels a song.

I wish you saw what I can see,
I see it's not yet real for you,
But I see what I see as your fate,
And I know one day you'll see it too.
Hope you have the best birthday,
With laughter that never fades,
Every moment matters,
That's how memories are made.

Wishing you joy and wonder,
Here's to your amazing health,
May you always see beauty,
There is more to life than wealth.
Now's a great age to take chances,
And do all you want to do,
Your creativity knows no bounds,
What you need is right in you. 

Your wisdom is wiser than ever,
Your spirit is bolder than bold,
Your humor is more humorous,
There's just no time to be old.
I know you can do it,
If you would only try,
It's mind over matter,
There is no better high.

You must forget yourself,
And let go of what's dear,
You'll see beyond the noise,
You will conquer your fear.

If you're afraid to fail,
Know you are not alone,
Even the brave fight fear,
We all dread the unknown.

But you truly stand out,
The world needs what you bring,
When it's your turn to shine,
Reach out for the brass ring.

Climb the wall before you,
Build a bridge to cloud nine,
Unsteady ground you'll tread,
It will be worth your time.
I hope you have found the best birthday poem for someone special. I will update this post with some more happy birthday poems. Till then, stay connected with me. For more status quotes and messages, please click on the top-right menu button to explore all of them. Thanks.