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Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend - Happy Birthday GF Messages

No matter how much you love your girlfriend, if you forgot to wish happy birthday to your girlfriend, be prepared for a breakup. But if you wish your girlfriend happy birthday with a sweet romantic birthday message, be prepared for a beautiful hug or kiss. So why to late, send your gf a very happy birthday message right now.
Happy birthday dear! I can’t wait to kiss you, hold you in my arms and tell you how much this day means to me.
Sweetie you have a perfect birthday suit. Let’s close the doors and celebrate your birthday just the two of us.
I wish I were a poet, so I could find the perfect words, to express how I feel about you.
I will compensate for my lack of poetical skill with other my other gifts. Happy Birthday!
This is our first time together celebrating your birthday. Let’s hope that it is the first of many birthdays together.
I hope that you get everything your heart desires, not only today but always. I cannot think of a more deserving person.
I am so happy that I can celebrate your special day with you. I would be lost without you. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday gorgeous, I can’t believe I am your boyfriend. I hope today is the perfect day.
Thinking about you makes me smile like an idiot. You are the perfect creation and the best gift I’ve ever received. I hope to make your birthday as special as you make me feel. Vibrant birthday!
It’s amazing how much you make me happy even on your birthday. Looking forward to celebrating more life milestones with you. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, dear. I hope you know how much you make me happy. You are my companion, my agony, my punch bag, but above all, my soul mate.
I have created a special place in my heart for you because you decided to stick around when everyone else left. You are my lucky star and my prayer answered. Happy birthday my love
I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life next to the most amazing woman. Happy birthday; this is just the first of many to come.
You are my best friend and soul mate. I am so happy that we are together. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
It was until you walked into my life that I realized I could feel this about someone. I am blessed to have you and our kids will even be luckier to have you as their mother. Happy birthday honey
The moment you told me you loved me was the moment when my dreams came true. Since then, I purposed to give you the best in life, and today makes no exception. Can’t wait to spoil you. Happy birthday, honey.
Have you every thought what life would be like without me? You don’t have to answer that question. Happy Birthday!
I wish I could find the perfect gift for you. Oh wait, here I am. Happy Birthday Baby!
I have never slept with a 40year old woman before. Let’s change that. Happy Birthday!
If I can’t have Brad Pitt at least you have me. That should make you feel good. Happy Birthday baby!
Close your eyes and make a wish. Good. Now close you eyes and make another wish. Happy Birthday.
My mother just called. She said she won’t be able to make it tonight. Happy Birthday baby!
You look just like the girl of my dreams except she has blonde hair. Just joking baby. You are everything I could possibly dream for. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
I thought about buying you a diamond ring for your birthday, but I worried that I would spoil you! So I will simply say Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
Just like the world could not live without sunlight, I could not live with out your love. You are the light of my life. Happy Birthday!
Without you, my life would be empty and incomplete. Happy birthday and thank you for making me part of your life.
Let’s close all our doors today, turn off the phone, and spend the day together. Happy Birthday, today is all about you.
With glad tidings and a heart full of thanksgiving, I wish my lovely woman a happy birthday and a productive year ahead. You are my world, and nothing could ever change what I feel about you.
All the joy my heart abounds in, all the smiles on my face, and everything about me are all because of you. Happy birthday, my girlfriend!

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

The passion of love I have for you will never fade. You will always remain to be my one and only. May this birthday bring everlasting joy in your life! Happy birthday!
I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Each day I wake up thankful that of all the men in the world you could have chosen, you fell in love with me. Today on your special day I want you to know how much you mean to me!
I really don’t feel worthy of deserving your love, but I am so very thankful for it! Happy Birthday to my ideal woman!
Just spending time with you fascinates my mind, satisfies my body, and captivates my heart. I love you, and I want you to have a wonderful birthday!
You are truly an incredible woman. You show your love, compassion, and wisdom in so many ways. On your birthday and every day of the year, I’m so proud to be your man.
I have the most precious thing that life can offer to anyone. I have you, the most beautiful, gorgeous and lovable girl in the world. happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Thank you for inspiring my heart to grow deeper and deeper in love with you each day.
From the moment we met, I knew you were someone special. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine how incredible life could be with you by my side! Happy Birthday, my love!
Life with you is an amazing adventure. Your charm, beauty, and compassion never cease to amaze me. Wishing you a birthday as wonderful as you are!
On your birthday I want to reassure you that no one else can even hold a candle to your flame of incredible beauty. You fill my heart with passionate desire.
Happy Birthday, baby! You are the sweet cherry of my bitter life!
I will never be tired of loving you. Today, I wish you have the brightest and most colorful celebration of your birthday. I love you!
Baby, when I look at you, my heart skips a beat. You fill me with desire and admiration. On your birthday I want you to know just how special you are to me. Happy Birthday Girl!
The world woke up when you were born, and my heart woke up when I met you. Happy birthday to the girl who fills my heart.
Happy birthday, Cuddle Bunny! Hop over here and let me give you a special birthday gift.
Happy birthday to my love, my best friend, my agony aunt, my complaint hotline, my emergency contact and my soul mate.
With each step you take toward me, my heart beats a little faster. You are the woman of my dreams, and I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you.
A girl like you deserves fireworks instead of candles on her birthday. Come over here, and I’ll light your fire.
My soul had felt so connected to you the moment I saw you. It’s because we were destined to be together. Happy birthday, baby!
You put a smile on my face and fill my life with light and joy. Thank you for being all I could ever want in a woman. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!
Many happy returns on your birthday! Just don’t return me. I’ll be your man forever!
I hope your birthday will be just like you: sunflowers and honey, feminine and sunny.
Holding you close in my arms makes me feel complete. Being in a relationship with a confident woman like you is a dream come true. Happy Birthday to the one I love!
Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world! So lucky to have you!
Happy birthday, my beautiful sweet peach. Thank you for sharing your sugar with me.
Having your love in my life has brought me more joy and satisfaction than I can ever express. May you receive all the happiness you deserve today on your Birthday!
My birthday Diva, it’s all about you tonight, and I have some special surprises just for you.
With you in my life, I finally understand the meaning of true love. I want to shower my affection on your mind, body, and soul today on your Birthday!
Hey, Hot Woman! Those birthday candles make you even hotter!
Darling, I cherish each moment we have had the joy of spending together. I want to be with you today, tomorrow, and always. Happy Birthday!
Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me. Today on your birthday I want you to know how happy I am to have you in my life!
Being in a relationship with someone so right for me feels like an impossible dream. If it is, I hope I never wake up! Have a terrific birthday, darling!
Today on your birthday I want to not just tell you but show you how grateful I am for you. I want to prove my affection through loving actions. You deserve it.
Baby, I treasure each and every moment we spend together. You inspire me to be the best I can be in every area of life. Happy Birthday, Baby!
Your flirty smile, your enchanting eyes, and your incredible body overwhelms me with desire. But most of all, I love your true, steadfast heart. Happy Birthday to one amazing woman!
My feelings for you grow stronger by each day. I cannot imagine a day in my life without loving you truly, madly and deeply. Happy birthday to you!
May the cheers of this day be with you in the coming years. May our love grow stronger each day! Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend!
Lady Love, you mean the world to me, and I hope all your birthday wishes come true.
On this special day, I wanna say something, “I can’t think a single moment without you, and I love you so much”. My soul mate, happy birthday!
I wish all your dreams come true just like you have made all my dreams come true by choosing to be my girlfriend. Happy birthday dear!
I have got the best birthday gift for you, but it is worthless as compared to my love for you. Happy birthday.
You don’t need a special day to remind me how important you are in my life. You are blessing my life every day and you deserve to be loved every day! Happy birthday!
Beautiful, pretty and hot. Happy birthday to the girlfriend who I love a lot.
You are one of the most precious persons of my life and I could not be happier to have you beside me. Happy birthday to you, love!
Baby, you have not only loved me unconditionally but have also inspired me in a thousand ways. You are the best! Happy Birthday to you!
The words that most quickly come to my mind to describe my feelings toward you are attraction, affection, admiration, and adoration. Happy Birthday to my amazing girlfriend!
As the candles are blown out one by one, I think of all the things we’ve done.
We’ve gotten closer through the years, and I’ll say it ’til the whole world hears:
I love you! Happy birthday, sweet lady of my dreams!
Happy birthday, Kitten. I have a gift that will make you purr.
You are the queen of my heart, and for your birthday, I plan to treat you like royalty.
Girl, I wanted to give you the world’s most precious gift for your birthday, but then I realized I couldn’t give you yourself.
The roses on this birthday bouquet remind me of you: soft and beautiful, with the fragrance of an angel.
Don’t worry about getting older, sweet girl. I will love you at any age, and besides, you’re a year younger than you will be on your next birthday!
Today on your birthday I’m reminded of the unique treasure you truly are. Your beauty, wisdom, and wit are surpassed by none other. Thank you for sharing all of them with me.
Happy birthday, Chickadee! You put a song in my heart!
Your unique beauty takes my breath away. Today on your Birthday, I want nothing more than to take you in my arms and express my love and desire for you.
Hey girl, you look as gorgeous as you did on the day we met! Let’s make this birthday the best yet.
You are truly a rare jewel. I value your love and affection. My goal on your birthday and always is to always treat you like the treasure you are to me.
I can’t stop thinking about the last time we were together; it was pure magic. You are like poetry in motion. Happy birthday to my beautiful, incredible girlfriend!
Joy beams from your soul, bathing everyone in the most beautiful light. I am continually amazed at how much love you bring to my days. Happy birthday, Diamond Girl. Shine on.
Happy birthday to the apple of my eye. I would pick you every time, girl.
Happy birthday to you my dream girl. Many many happy returns of the day. Have a lot of fun and joys.
You’re the prettiest girl on the block, and I will love you around the clock! Happy birthday!
You and I simply belong together. If I searched all throughout the world, I could never hope to find another soul mate like you. Happy Birthday to my one and only!
Darling, I want to make you feel as special as you truly are to me. May you feel loved, desired, and pampered today on your birthday!
Sweetheart, you’re like a missing puzzle piece that I’ve finally found. You’ve helped every aspect of my life to fall into place. May your birthday be filled with happiness. I love you!
My Cutie pie, Here your boyfriend is wishing you the most special and memorable birthday for you. Happy birthday! Stay happy and keep smiling.
Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life
Happy birthday, beautiful! This cake, these mere gifts, and candles do not justify your beauty, your excellence, and your gorgeous presence. You are one in a million!
I am so grateful to your parents that they have given birth to an angel like you! You are a true blessing. Many happy returns of the day!
Darling, you have been there for me in my happy days and you have never left me when I struggled. You are my powerhouse! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the most wonderful person of my life! I wish for you to have a pleasant day with all the people you love!
Baby, you made me realize what ‘love’ truly means and taught me to love you. Now I cannot stop loving you more and more! Happy birthday!
I had asked for a blessing and God gave me you! You are the source of my happiness, my success, and my inspiration. Happy Birthday, love!
Happy birthday to you, babe! Keep on shining like the star you are and never let anyone dim the light of your eyes! I love you!
You’re simply amazing, inside and out. I can’t imagine any other way I’d rather spend an evening than alone with you. I’m looking forward to spoiling you today on your Birthday!
The universe may turn upside down, but you will always be the prettiest girl in town. Happy birthday my love.
You are the best thing ever happen with me, You are the sweet girl who always deserves the best things in the world. Happy birthday my love. May God bless you. Be happy!
You are the fairy of my fairyland! I wish you all the success, happiness and love in the world. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

You can make as many wishes as you want today! I promise you, I’ll make all your wishes come true one by one. Happy Birthday!
You are my biggest dream that came true. I cannot thank God enough for giving me such a beautiful flower. Happy birthday my love!
Words hardly catch the real essence of my love for you. I love you with a passion whose intensity is yet to be heard of. On the occasion of your birthday today, I pray that mountains of challenges will be melted on your behalf. Celebrate in a grand style.
The truth about today is that it is my best friend’s birthday. I know for real that having you by my side has added spice to my life. Just as you’ve done for me, may friends and strangers alike favor you beyond your expectations. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, princess. Your smiles light up my world. You may or may not have known the extent your presence is felt, but it is nothing compared to the sacrifices you’ve made for our friendship.
Bae, happy birthday. The lines have fallen in goodly places for you. It is obvious that your birthday this year will be the best so far.
It will be a gross error against nature to live through today without wishing my beauty queen a happy birthday. Have fun.
Did I tell you that you are an embodiment of character and virtue? If I hadn’t, I apologize for holding back on that vital information. Happy birthday, honey.
Belle, I can’t deny that I cherish you. No doubt, I can protect your interest with every fiber of my being. As you mark your new age today, keep in mind that I always have your back.
Happy birthday, love. Pretty ladies like you deserve to be treated to the choicest blessings from above.
To make all your dreams come true is my mission in life. Your happiness is my only quest in life. I love you. Happy birthday!
You made me fall in love with you with all your charms and glamour. I am going to make sure that it lasts forever. Happy birthday!
You can tell me what your heart desires because I am going to bring them to your feet today. I will do everything to make you smile. Happy birthday!
Every single day I spend with you, I can feel the passion is getting strong. I am falling in love with you every single day. Happy birthday my love!
You are the reason why my life seems complete and abundant. You bring smiles on my face every day. Happy birthday my love!
There is nothing in this world sweeter than you smile. Today, I wish your moments be filled with joy and cheers. Happy birthday sweetheart!
You are, and have been a wonderful girlfriend to me. The least I can do for you today as you celebrate your birthday is to wish you a day as beautiful as your heart.
Today, I choose to let you know that you are God’s gift to me. Happy birthday, angel.
Happy birthday, my superwoman. You’ve inspired me in so many ways that I have lost count of them. Enjoy your super life.
I celebrate this day with a woman with the heart of gold. Truly, your kind is rare. Happy birthday.
Hey soulmate, your birthday is noted to be one of my special days on earth. I woke up today elated, because you are a year older, lovelier, and sexier. I can’t wait to set my eyes on you.
My life is full and true for I have a girlfriend who is bright and smart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
I wake up every day with a mission, that is to make you smile. Because of all things on earth, I love your smile the most. Happy birthday sweetheart!
I don’t want anything else in life as long as I am the reason for your smile. I love to see you happy and cheerful always. Happy birthday!
I have so many reasons to love you but the one reason that makes me crazy about you is how special you make me feel all the time! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, adorable. Having you as my girl is one of the best decisions I made for myself. Enjoy yourself to the fullest.
The more I think of it, the better the understanding becomes that you and I are meant to be. Happy birthday, sweet. Kisses.
My love, it is your birthday today; how time flew! From my heart, I wish you a perfect celebration. I will make sure you do!
Happy birthday, hun’. Thank you for the fun times you’ve brought my way ever since you came into my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend.
Today marks the beginning of greater beginnings in your life, my gal. May you live well to tell the beautiful story. Happy birthday.

Short Birthday Message for GF

Even these flowers are jealous of your beauty, sweetheart! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, my love! Can we keep celebrating this day together for 100 more years?
Wishing you all the best in life, may you have success, joy, family, and most of all, Love.
May the almighty shower blessings upon you today, best wishes.
Today is just another day, but today is the best day of the year, happy birthday.
Happy Birthday! I just typed ‘Best girl of this planet’ and Google showed me your photos!
You are the most unique person I have met! I love you and happy birthday!
Happiest birthday, love. Thank you for being born and being there for me in my dull life.
Happy Birthday, gorgeous! You are the perfect definition of ‘beauty with brains’!
Your love is my shelter and you are my life, I wish to be with you all the time.
If love is a game and you are the prize, I will always win.
If I have to shake heaven and earth to prove my love for you, I will be glad to do it for you.
I wanted to give the best gift for your birthday, but realized that nothing tops me!
If I had the choice, I would chose you over and over again.
Life is about three things, winning another heart, losing bad things, and sharing love. Best wishes.
Love is like a flower for which you and I are the honey.
You are the most beautiful girl I ever know, happy birthday.
They say love is a misery, but with you I feel happiness and joy.
You are the reason why I live, without you I’d rather die.
Happy Birthday my dear, if things go badly I will always be here for you.
I love you for everything you are. Happy birthday!
I tried baking a cake for you, but it turned out disastrous! Teach me how to bake, baby?
If I live in another life again, I will choose to live with you again. Happy Birthday
I just wanted to say that I thank God because I found you. Best Wishes
I will do everything for you even if it takes my life. Best wishes my dear.
I love you not only for what you are, I love you because of what you made me now.
Loving you is the best thing I have ever done in my life, happy birthday.
If I were to lose you, I’d rather die, I love you so much.
If there was no tomorrow, I’d chose to be with you for a day.
It’s okay to lose everything- as long as I have you I’m fine with it.
I had a beautiful dream last night.. I saw you and me walking down a church aisle.
If it’s a mistake to love you, I would rather make a mistake than make things right.
Even if we are not together just remember that my heart is always with you.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for GF

Your smile can outshine a thousand candles. Your touch can melt even the coldest heart. I love you today and every day! Happy Birthday!
I think of myself as the luckiest guy on planet earth. Words cannot express how I feel about you every day. Here’s to more of you and more of us. Happy birthday my love.
I could buy you a thousand flowers but they would still be too petty to express what I feel for you. Happy Birthday!
Just as you blow the candles on your birthday cake, remember that there’s one flame endlessly burning in my heart, for you! Happy Birthday!
You have so many people wishing you on your birthday, but none of them holds the crazy-love for you that I have. Love you to the moon and back!
I was just waiting for the day; the day is so much special to me because it’s the day you were born. You made my life colorful. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
My queen, You are the achievement of my life. And it’s you who is the key to my happiness. Happy birthday to you my lady! Wish you all happiness.
Today is not like every day, it’s a special day, and it’s my love’s birthday.
I hereby gift you a heart that is eager to wish you Happy Birthday.
I love you every day, but my love is crossing the horizon on your Birthday.
Your smile is sweeter than the sweetest cake in the world. Thanks for being into my life. Happy birthday to my sweet girlfriend!
I am gifting you a bag full of hugs and kisses on your Happy Birthday.
Sending countless kisses and hugs to decorate your Birthday with my love.
I pray for a happy life for you, happy love for you and a Happy Birthday to you.
I am glad to wish my queen a very Happy Birthday.
Wish you a colorful, lovely and romantic Happy Birthday.
Wishing the love of my life the happiest birthday she ever had.
I am sending a flock of love birds to wish you Happy Birthday.
Have a lovely birthday my sweetheart.
I’ve been waiting a yearlong to wish my girlfriend a lovely Happy Birthday, and will do so forever.
Happy Birthday to the light of my life.
Everything about you ravishes me. I find you irresistible and more attractive as the days go by. But more than ever, being by your side on your birthday is one of the greatest privileges. Happy birthday, girl!
I don’t believe in birthdays because I know you came straight from heaven to make my life happier & beautiful. All the good wishes for my angel!
I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and tell you how much this special day of yours means to me. Happy birthday dear! I love you!
Let us fly together through the breeze of love on your birthday.
When a challenge comes on my way, I tend to fall in it. Instead I remember your half smile and I press on with it. And to my surprise I subdue it. You smile embers love deep down in my heart. Happy birthday!
I am so lucky to wish Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl.
Happy Birthday to the one who decorated my life from dawn to dusk.
I pray God to give me the ability to gift my girlfriend an awesome birthday.
To the woman of my dreams and the best gift in the world, I celebrate you today and all that concerns you. You are truly a dime to behold. Happiest birthday.
All these years, the slight thought of you has taken me out of sadness, depression, anxiety, and solitude. I love you dearly. Have a long life ahead.
The day you were born is the day I became the luckiest person ever. As you celebrate yet another year in your beautiful life, I wish you nothing but blessings and fulfillment. Happy birthday, love.
On this special day my love, I want to remind you that you are more than my best friend, my partner, and my light at the end of the tunnel. I hope all your days will be as special as your birthday.
Happy birthday to the girl with the sweetest smile, the warmest heart, and the most compassionate soul.
Higher than the skies and deeper than the ocean is my love for you. Happy birthday my love. Always remember to smile throughout all situations.
I don’t know what good I did to deserve you but I do know that you deserve all the happiness in this world. Happy birthday to my sweetheart!
You are the perfect creation of God and the best gift any man has received in life. Today is your birthday and I want to make sure it’s a special one!
After all that has happened, I am more than grateful to have you in my life. I look forward to spending more years with you, honey. Happy birthday!
I never want to lose you and I don’t ever want to say goodbye. Happy birthday.
Before we met, a girl like you I had never seen. And ever since that day, you have become my heart’s queen. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, dear. Because of your compassion and love, I have become a better person and have scaled numerous heights in life. Enjoy this special day!
May this new year work in your favor and may all your dreams and aspirations come true. Wishing you a productive year. Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday my Queen. Even the most expensive birthday gift is nothing compared to my love for you. I hope you remain as happy and as jolly as you are for the rest of your life.
Happy birthday to the prettiest girl in town, the only person who gave real meaning to my life and rescued me from the world of loneliness. You deserve the world baby.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

You and your love need to be celebrated every day. But today, it’s a bit special because you were born on this day. Thanks for blessing my life. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the love of my life! You deserve all the best that life could bring .I wish you happiness, success and good health! I love you !
I can assure you that my feelings for you are not going to fade during this lifetime. Everything you do makes me fall in love with you again and again. Happy birthday!
All our memories together will never be taken away, no matter how old we get and how many birthdays pass by, I will always be here for you. Happy birthday
You Have Been My Partner In Crime In All Those Mischievous Moments And I Would Love To Continue Doing Them With You Lifelong. HBD, Fun Woman.
I Can’t Show It Off That How Much I Love You. Let’s Make Your Birthday The Very Special It Can Be And I’ll Try To Show My Love. Happy Birthday Dear.
Happy Birthday To The One Without Whom I Can’t Imagine My Life.
My Soul Mate, More Than My Friend, My Partner I’m Nothing Without You. On The Special Occasion Of Your Birthday I Want To Remind You All The Reasons Why I Love You. Happy Birthday Dear!!
I Can’t Express My Feelings But Poets And Singers Can Express My Feeling. I Can Just Say I Love You..Happy Birthday Dear!!
Snow White Made History, Cinderella Was Beautiful And Arielle Was A Gorgeous Mermaid. But You Are By Far My Favorite Princess. Happy Birthday.
If I Died Today, The World Would Not Lose So Much. But If You Were Not Born My Life Would Not Be Complete As It Is Right Now. Happy Birthday, My Love!
Wish Whatever You Like On This Day. But If I Had My Wish I Would Wish For Nothing. You Are All I Need. Happy Birthday.
Because Of You My Car Rides Are More Enjoyable, My Apartment Less Empty And My Bedroom A Happier Place. Thanks For Always Being There. Happy Birthday.
All The Colors In My Life Are Because Of You. Happy Birthday To The Brightest Star Of My Life, My Love.
My Life Was A Mess Until You Walked Into It And Turned It Into A Beautiful Place To Live In. HBD, Love.
Words Alone Are Not Enough To Express My Feelings That How Happy I’m To Know That You Are Going To Enjoy Your Another Year Of Life..Wishing You A Very Very Happy Birthday Dear!!
I Feel The Sparkle Of Your Eyes And The Cute Smile When We Are Together. I Want To Be Your Side To Celebrate Your Many More Birthday. Happy Birthday Dear!!
The Day You Born Was Lucky For So Many People Like Me. You Fills My Life With All The Joy..I Love You More That You May Know. Happy Birthday And Many More To Comes!!
I Didn’t Ever Thought That I Would Meet Someone Like You. May Your All Days As Special As Your Birthday. I Can Do Everything To Make Them Happen. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
God Blessed Over Me And He Sent You Down For Me. I Remember How My Heart Skipped Its Beats When I Saw You First Time. Now When You Look At Me It Makes Me Want To Be A Perfect Man I Can Be. Happy Birthday Dear!!
This Day Is More For Me Than You Because On This Day Love Of My Life Was Born. Happy Birthday Honey. I Love You.
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, And Kissing You Makes Me Turn Both Colors Too. Happy Birthday, My Love!
Your Best Years Are Ahead. And Here’s To Us Being Together In Each One. Happy Birthday!
Sometimes Shopping For You Can Be Hard Because I Want To Buy You The World. So Here Is My Heart. I Hope It Will Do For Now. Happy Birthday!
When You’re Away I Miss You, When You’re Here I Kiss You, And When You’re Leaving I Wish I Could Go Everywhere With You. Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life.
They Say That Life Is Not Easy. But With I’m With You, I Feel Unstoppable. Happy Birthday To The Woman Who Makes My World Go Round.
I Do Not Know What To Gift You On This Day But I Do Know That You Are A Gift To Me. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend.
My Would Be Wife. You’re An Amazing Woman And Truly The Inspiration In My Life.
Happy Birthday, Girl. May Your Day Be Filled With Fun, Joyous Moments And True Love. You Will Always Find Me Beside You.
Love Got Meaningful The Day You Walked Into My Life. Happy Birthday My Lovely Partner.
Eternally I Would Be Yours And You Would Be Mine And Absolutely Nothing Can Change It. HBD My Love.
Happy Birthday Woman, I Have Seen You Grow Up From A Girl To A Lady And The Best Part Was Growing Up With You.
I Was A Useless Piece Of Paper Before But Your Presence Turned Me Into A Beautiful Poetry. Happy B’day, Lady Love.
Practically, Your Birthday Is Also A Special Day In My Calendar And Let Us Celebrate It In A Grand Style.
I Know Darkness Is An Inevitable Thing In Life But You Are Shining Light That Emits Darkness. Happy B’day, Princess.
I Won’t Promise You Stars And Moon But I Want To Promise You Happiness And Health. Happy B’Day To The Best Part Of My Life.
Happy Birthday To The Gorgeous Girlfriend In The World. You Are My Prized Possession.
You Came Into My Life And Taught Me How To Love. Happy Birthday To The Person Who Is Not Just My Girlfriend But My Guide In Life Too.
My Happiness Begins With You And Will Always Be Your Smile. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Make Your Day Better With All Those Smiles.
Happy B’day To My Partner In Crime. We’ve Grown Up Knowing Each Other Too Well.
Let Us Grow Old Together And Celebrate Our Birthdays Like A Holiday. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
I Got To Know About True Love When I Got To Know About You. Happy Birthday, Love. Stay Blessed.
The Funniest Part Of Your Birthday Is, It Feels Like I Am Celebrating My Own. Happy Birthday Crazy Girl. I Shall Love You Forever.
On Your Birthday, I Hope Your Worries Fade And Your Dreams Come True. Happy Birthday.
If You Were Never Born, The World Would Have Been Robbed Of A Great Treasure. I Hope I’m The Treasure Chest You’ve Been Looking For. Happy Birthday.
Happy B’day Darling. You Deserve All The Happiness In The World And You Will Be A Successful Woman In Near Future.
Happy Birthday To My Better Half. Celebrate Your Day In A Way You Never Forget.
I Held So Many Things In My Hand But The Most Beautiful Thing Was You. Happy Birthday, Love.
I Always Thought There Isn’t Anything Like Love But Now With You Beside Me, I Think There Isn’t Anything Except Love. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday, Love. I Want My Life To Be Full Of Your Smiles, Your Happiness, And Your Love.
Happy Birthday Lovely Lady. Stay Blessed And Enjoy The Day With The Closest Persons Of Your Life Which Should Also Include Me, Just Kidding.
I Never Believed In Superwoman Until I Saw You Doing Things I Never Believed A Woman Can Do. Happy B’day My Heroine.
We Will Realize This Day As The First Day We Celebrate Your Birthday Together…I Hope I’ll Celebrate It With You Now And I Want To Celebrate It With You 100 Years From Now..Happy Birthday Dear!!
I Hope Your Birthday Cake Is As Sweet As Your Smile. Happy Birthday Dear..Stay Happy And Healthy!!
Kiss Here And Kiss There…Kiss You Thousands Times. Have A Lovely And Very Special Day. Happy Birthday Dear!!
If Rainbows Make People Smile, Then You Own The Sky In My Heart. Happy Birthday, Baby!
Your Cheeks Are Cute, Your Hair Is Soft And Your Lips Are Sweet. I Hope This Birthday Of Yours Has Been Such A Treat. Happy Birthday.
I’ve Had Other Girlfriends. But Now I Can Say I Really Have A Love Life. Thanks For Everything. Happy Birthday.
The Day You Walked Into My Life, You Brought Me Paradise. On This Day, I Want You To Know How Much I Appreciate Your Love And Presence In My Life. I Will Love You For As Long As My Heart Beats. Do Have A Blissful Birthday, Sweetheart.
Nothing In The Heavens Or On This Earth Can Ever Change This Love I Have For You Because I Was Born To Love And Cherish You. You’re My Life, Honey.
I have every reason to believe that you were born for making my life beautiful. Nobody in the world can love me more than you do. Happy birthday!
You are very special and you deserve the best. I wish you a wonderful life filled with love and happiness. Happy Birthday.
If I was given a choice, I would have chosen you without a second thought. I thank God every day because although he did not give me a choice still, he gave me the best! Happy birthday!
Blow your candles,Make a wish, And I will give you Sweet big kiss
Like Apples On Trees And Smiles So Deep, You Are The One Who Makes My World So Complete. Happy Birthday, Babe!
When I Smell You I Smell A Rose Garden, When I Touch You I Become Numb And When You Kiss Me I Get Dizzy. Let’s Make This Last Forever. Happy Birthday, My Love!
I Hope This Day Is As Special To You As It Is To Me. It Is My Most Favorite Day Of The Year Because It’s The Day You Were Born.
You’re The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me. Happy Birthday, Baby!
I Live For Your Kisses And Wait For Each Hug. Happy Birthday, Angel!
Honey, If You Don’t Believe In Miracles, I’m Going To Have To Find You A Different Nickname. You’re My Miracle. Happy Birthday!
If I Could Love You To The Moon And Back, I Would Tell The Stars Thank You For Putting Those Twinkles In Your Eyes. Happy Birthday!
I Thought I Was Not A Great Person. Then I Met You. So I Guess I’m Doing Something Right. Happy Birthday.
My Dreams Came True The Moment You Told Me That You Loved Me. Thank You For Making Me The Luckiest Human Being Alive. I Love You, Babe. Have A Super Duper Happy Birthday!
You’re My World, Sweetheart. I Think Of You More Than I Think Of Anything Else In This World. I Want To Be With You For A Lifetime. Happy Birthday To The Queen Of My Heart.
In Your Arms Is Where I Want To Be All My Life. Thank You For Always Being My Paradise. Happy Birthday.
Wishing The World’s Most Beautiful Woman A Happy Birthday. Babe, Every Time I Wake Up From Sleep, I Take A Moment To Thank God For Bringing Us Together. Thank You For Always Putting A Smile On My Face. I Promise To Always Make Your Life As Enjoyable As You Make Mine. Happy Birthday.
My Favorite Place On Earth Is In Your Arms. When I’m In Your Arms, Everything In My Life Can Go To Hell And I Wouldn’t Bother. I So Love, My Darling. Happy Birthday.
I Fall In Love With You More And More Whenever I Stare Into Your Eyes. Being Loved By You Is Such A Great Feeling That I Can Never Describe Using Any Language On Earth. Happy Birthday, My Love.
Whenever I Feel Disappointed And Depressed, A Single Thought Of You Make Me All Happy. Happy Birthday..May You Live Long Dear!!
I Wish All Your Dreams Come True This Year. Happy Birthday Dear…Stay Happy And Healthy!!
Happy Birthday To The Girl Who Makes My Day Brighter With Her Smile. I Love You Beyond Words And You Are Indeed The Best Girlfriend Ever.
Happy B’day Girlfriend, We’re Going Official Tomorrow And You Have My Back For Life.
Girls Like You Deserve Bigger Diamonds Love. HBD To The Prettiest Girl Ever. I Love You.
Happy Birthday My Lady, Grow Prettier Day By Day And May Your Life Be Full Of Smiles And Joy.
Having You In My Life Is Not Less Than Any Blessing. Happy B’day, Girlfriend. You Are Truly And Deeply Loved.
Every Passing Year You Are Growing Prettier And Sexier. Happy Birthday Dear..Stay Blessed Always!!
Years Pass, But You Still Keep On Getting More Beautiful. Happy B’day, Girlfriend.
You Are Not Just My Girlfriend, You Are My Entire World. Your Birthday Is A Day To Be Cherished. Happy B’day, Love.
Forget The Past And Embrace The Present. Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Girlfriend And Would Be Wife.
I Can Never Honestly Picture A Day Without You, My Love. Happiest Birthday To You. Let’s Make Your Day Remembered.
I Came Across Many Girls But I Never Met Someone Like You. HBD, Prettiness. You Are Beautiful Inside Out.
Words Alone Can’t Express My Love For You It’s Higher Than Sky, Deeper Than Ocean And More Than Universe. Happy Birthday Dear..Stay Happy And Healthy Always!!
Today, I Should Thank To Your Parents That They Bring You On This Earth For Me. Happy Birthday Honey…Love You!!
Never Knew I Would Be Afraid Of Losing Someone Until I Got You. Happy Birthday To The Queen Of My Life.
HBD, Girl, No Matter What Comes Ahead, We’ll Surpass It Together.
HBD, Madness, It’s Your Day And Enjoys It Like It Won’t Come Back.
I Feel Like The Luckiest Guy Alive To Have A Girlfriend Like You Who Loves Football As Much As She Loves Me. Happy Birthday You Little Football Freak.
Beautiful And Wonderful Is The View When I Think About You. Wishing You A Happier And Healthier Birthday Dear!!
Instead Of Giving You An Artificial Gift, I Just Want To Give You The Warmth Of My Arms On Your Birthday. Happy Birthday Honey!!
I May Not Be There There To See Your Smile That How Happy You Are When Cutting Your Birthday Cake But You Will Be In My Thoughts. Happy Birthday Honey!!
May The Way You Choose Doesn’t Have Any Trouble, May The Door You Enter Bring Good Fortune.. May This Day Be The Best Of Birthdays Ever. Happy Birthday Dear!!
May God Bless You.. My All Good Wishes And Thoughts Are With You. Have A Very Special Day. Happy Birthday!!
I May Not Be There To Give You What You Want But I Promise To Be With You Always With All My Heart And Love. Happy Birthday Honey!!
Smile May Be Starting Of Friendship, A Touch May Be A Starting Of Love But A Person Like You Can Make Life Worth Living. Happy Birthday Dear..May God Bless You Always!!
Your Birthday Is An Occasion For Me For Togetherness. Happy Birthday Dear!!
On The Special Occasion Fo Your Birthday Let’s Celebrate Our Past, Our Present And Our Future Together. Happy Birthday Honey!!
I Always Doubted The Existence Of True Love Until The Day You Came Into My Life And Showed Me That True Love Exists. I Love You So Much, My Sweet Babe. Happy Birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Age is just a number but sometimes it matters. So, tell me, how many candles will there be on the cake?
Dear birthday girl: May this day be as incredible as your smile and as warm as your hugs. P.s- sorry for always leaving the toilet seat up.
Though you are growing older, I hope that you will grow wiser, smarter, funnier, but not grumpier. Happy birthday!
The best thing about tonight is that you can eat all you want and taste my food without restrictions. Eat as much cake as you can my love. Happy birthday.
You are as cuddly as a doll, as sweet as candy, yummy as chocolate cake and as intoxicating as a fine bottle of wine. It’s hard getting a gift that matches your standards. Happy birthday dear one.
Happy birthday to my girlfriend: At last, retirement is coming soon! Looking forward to spending the rest of our lives making you laugh and enjoying the fine things in life.
You are a year younger today, honey. Happy birthday. ( I remember saying you were older last year, and it wasn’t a fun day at all).
I searched online and went to all the shops, old and new. But I could not find anything that was as pretty as you. Happy birthday girl.
The wishes you make as you blow out the candles on your cake, will all come true because that’s what I wished for too. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, baby. I wish you a wonderful celebration in a drama-free day. Thank you.
Before I met you, I just prayed for an ordinary girlfriend, but I never expected to receive the perfect girlfriend. But I’m glad I have you. Happy birthday, love.
Before I met you, I just prayed for an ordinary girlfriend, but I never expected to receive the perfect girlfriend. But I’m glad I have you. Happy birthday, love.
Happy birthday to the smartest, prettiest, sweetest, sexiest, nicest and well craziest girlfriend in the world. Feel appreciated!
Happy birthday, munchkin. Sending you warm hugs and wet kisses on your birthday today. Hoping they can take the place of presents (there are still unopened ones from last year!).
Happy birthday, girl. Make the most use of today to do something daring, like fasting. You’ll be fine.
For this birthday, I had planned to give you something charming, attractive and funny, but lo! And behold! You already have me. I am proud of you. Happy birthday.
The happiest people on earth are the simplest; they don’t need much to stay happy. Be simple this year, hon’. You can be happy without a birthday party. Just saying.
It doesn’t matter if we have wrinkles on our faces as long as our love remains youthful as ever. So, don’t worry my love. Your wrinkles don’t bother me. Happy birthday!
I will remain blind to your real age if you promise me the biggest piece of your birthday cake. Does it seem fair enough? Happy birthday!
You are older than yesterday but you are definitely not less interesting than yesterday. I still find you super interesting and adorable. Happy birthday!
You are so sweet that if I were you, I would eat myself up for a birthday cake. Happy birthday my sweetheart!
What do you get when you mix hotness and beauty and combine them both with a sexy personality – YOU. Happy birthday.
Though you still eat everything on the table, I still love and cherish you. Happy birthday!
Since you’ve begun your weightloss journey, I suggest your birthday today should be without cakes and wine. Happy birthday; don’t cry, baby.
Happy birthday, love. Your birthday party is on the moon, right?
Happy birthday, dear. One thing about being born in January is that your birthday gift can be bought during the Christmas holidays at a discount price.
I bought you a cat. I hope your dog will approve of my choice of a birthday gift for you.
After thorough research, I can finally conclude that you are indeed prettier than the prettiest princesses! So happy Birthday to the prettiest girl alive!
Can not believe that your birthday is still not declared as a national holiday! So I took a day off instead to celebrate together. Happy birthday babe!
Happy Birthday, my girl! I called in sick at my workplace today because I am lovesick for you. So please cure me with your love shot!
You smiled at me and I fell off the chair! Your smile is so powerful that it could put an end to all wars! Happy Birthday!
This new year that you’ve embraced is your opportunity to live and to become anything you desire. You have my full support if it doesn’t involve the police. Happy birthday.
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