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Cool Birthday Wishes & Messages

Looking for the best cool birthday wishes messages? Well, you are in the right place. Here you will find all the best cool birthday messages. Just copy the best cool happy birthday message and send it to the coolest birthday boy/girl you know.

Happy Birthday! Go ahead – snuff out the candles. I have the fire department on speed dial.
Real friends remember your birthday but forget your age. I remember both, but I can’t count higher than 20. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! This is the oldest I’ve ever known you, and you look great for your age.
Very few women will admit their real age, believing that age is a state of mind. Very few men act their age because life is too short to worry about faking maturity. Guess who has more fun. Happy birthday to someone who knows how to enjoy life!
You know you’re getting old when you walk around a puddle instead of walking through it. May you never forget the joys of puddle jumping. Happy Birthday!
That strange glow on the horizon, could it be… your birthday cake? Happy birthday from my corner of the world to yours.
Forget the past; it’s over. Don’t worry about the future; it is out of your hands. Ignore the present; there isn’t one, but I did remember your birthday. Happiest of birthdays to a cool dude.
The day is good and bright, full of great expectations and life is in its glory, enjoy today more than yesterday. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Have fun.
A cool person deserves a cool gift. Don’t you think so?! Happy Birthday.
Candles today will need to have yellow light on the top. Balloons need air to be filled. Cakes need a knife to be sliced. Someone needs a kiss to smile. Happy Birthday till millions of miles.
When I was young, I used to eat cake before anyone. You have to do this today with me. Be careful, I’m still faster. Happy Birthday.
Don’t let this day go without saving memories. You should record our celebratory screams & take the best photos. Here’s to say Happy Birthday.
This is going to be a great day, a day of celebration, no sadness no worries and full of cheer. Have fun, the day is yours. Happy birthday.
Great morning, for a great friend, who is going to have a great birthday because I can’t let a great day like this go unnoticed, so get ready to go hysterical!
Do not look back thinking about what you were, look ahead and see everything succeed. I’m sure that success always accompanies you. Happy Birthday!
The beauty of the day is you; the blessing of the day is that we get to share this day with you. All your friends and family gather together in your honor. Happy birthday to you.
So sweet for you to consider me to share this day with you. I could never ask for anything greater, you are my start and my end. I love you, have a beautiful birthday!
You are amazing at everything, I wish I were you but I am lucky enough to be with you, to be your friend your love and the one you can confide in. Have fun today and remember I will always be here when you need me.
I feel very happy because I’m on your side, and I want to say from the bottom of my hearty. Happy birthday to you.
Everything you ever wished for, everything you can ever hope for, I just wish they come to you. But as you wait, let’s have some fun and enjoy the fact that you are here to wait.
Dearly, you are the most amazing friend and partner one can have. You got my back always, I will have yours too. So relax, have fun and enjoy your birthday.
May your success in life be beyond what educational requirements can give, you deserve maximum success because you’re such a sweet lad. Happy Birthday daughter.
I’ve had friends and colleagues, but no one wants the interest of others rightfully served better than you, you’re really a man for the people. Happy Birthday unique friend.
No man can take care of themselves. God formed us and He alone knows how to cater for all of our needs. May all your needs be met by God. Happy Birthday cool brother.
Your countenance whenever you look at me seems to be making all the right moves to get everything you want. It’s so unique how you do it. :) Happy Birthday great friend.
You are the one who stands with me at every difficulty of my life, you are the one who hold my hand at every moment, when I thought I have lost everything, happy birthday to you.
You are the one who wipes my tears, you are the reason of my existence, my smile and my happiness, and you are the shadow of my life’s blistering heat, happy birthday to you.
You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Happy birthday dearest, I hope that all the beauties of the world come to you today and always.
Whenever you need me, I’ll be there, call me and I will answer. You are sweeter than honey you are the most awesome person in the world. Happy birthday to you.
On this special day I want to tell you that I am very happy to have your friendship. You’re a great person and you deserve thousands of joys. Happy birthday.
You are the coolest kid in school, but my best friend and the only person I can truly be myself around. I do hope you get to enjoy this day and all the birthdays ahead, I will be there.
Wish you enjoy every moment with the people you really love. Have a beautiful birthday.
If I could I give you the world, it would be in your hands. I hope I am enough for you, for you are the most special girl in my life. Happy birthday!
Just like I’ve watched you grow up, every passing year has never cease to add something spectacular to you, which is my delight. Happy Birthday dearie.
Seeing the breaking of this day is far more than what you should be grateful for, it’s a blessing to see you feel happy to be here today. Happy Birthday friend. Remain blessed.
Cute and cool is what can be used to describe you because that is who you are. Happy Birthday to you angel, you make my world great.
Chill drinks are cool down to the soul, you my special friend, gives a complete chill to my life in every way. May God bless your days. Happy Birthday to you. You’re loved.
Congratulations to this confident friend of mine, life has all the best provision for you, and I’ll go extra mile to make sure you’re well taken care of by life. Happy Birthday. God bless.
Every good and perfect gift comes at a price, but you my friend are so special and I couldn’t believe that you cost me nothing. Happy Birthday to you special friend.
Each year, your birthday brings renewed hope, fresh plans and more wins in the game of life. Happy birthday and keep on rocking!
You’re not getting old; you’re just aging like fine wine and premium cheese. Best of birthdays to you!
May calm seas and bright sunshine define the rest of your voyage. Happy birthday and may there be many more to come!
Some people let their age define who they are. You, on the other hand, are defined by ignoring your age and doing what you love. Way to go and Happy Birthday!
Some people get their way by being bossy. You get your way because it’s your birthday. Have a beautiful day! You deserve it.
What’s a ship without a captain? What’s a team without a leader? We dread the thought, but you deserve to take it easy today. Happy birthday to a great boss.
Your kind of person always appears to be prominent anywhere you go, it’s a really good thing that you carry such an image. Happy Birthday buddy.
I’ve not seen anyone that makes efforts like you do, I hope all of your efforts will bring you the needed luck to move to greatness. Happy Birthday friend.
Friends don’t let friends celebrate alone. Wanna share a Coke or something? Happy Birthday!
Wisdom comes with age. Happy birthday, you who are among the wisest of the wise.
May your blessings always exceed your age. Enjoy your birthday, and may you have many more to come.
You know you’re getting old when all you want for your birthday is not to be reminded about it. This is coming from a place of love – Happy Birthday!
It’s your birthday. Dance like no one’s watching. (We promise to keep it off YouTube until next week.)
Dude! You’re having another birthday? No freakin’ way! You gotta stop that, man. People are gonna start saying your name with “old man…” in front of it.
Happy Birthday to someone who doesn’t look any older than when we got arrested in college. You don’t remember that? Uh … nevermind.
Have a great birthday. You’re not old enough for Social Security yet, but you ARE old enough to think that day will never arrive.
My condolences on the loss of your youth and congratulations on getting more awesome with each year. You gotta teach me how you do that!
Even though you’ve had a slightly difficult year, I’m wishing you minimum hassles, even keel celebrations, and maximum FUN on your birthday.
Did you know that birthday celebrations can be a health hazzard? I’ve heard of tennis elbow, but margherita elbow? On your birthday, maybe it’s time to consider using a straw.
Who knew when we were riding bicycles together that we’d end up such great friends now that we’ve become kick-ass adults? Happy Birthday, friend.
Balloons, gifts, singing, confetti, ice cream, candles and cake – let’s not forget CAKE! Hope your birthday rocks, just like you.
Soooo, you’ve been traveling in an intergalactic black hole? Time warp? Fountain of youth? Have a Happy birthday “Secret-Keeper!”
I wish you many more happy returns of this day. May God bless you and give you peace. May good health, wealth, long life be yours on this day. Have a Happy cool Birthday.
Having a sweet and amazing person like you in our family is more precious than all the wealth of this earth. Chill, smile, laugh, share, and enjoy this special day. Happy Birthday.
Our harmonious relationship is a subject of envy for everyone who sees us, but they should know that unconditional love is the cause. Happy Birthday man of my life.
Everyone wants to celebrate their birthdays because they are happy to be alive, but you celebrate yours because you’re alive and firing from all cylinder. Happy Birthday buddy.
I admire your kind nature. Life is all about how you make it. I enjoy watching you flying high and I love you. Happy Birthday.
You’re the only person amongst everyone that I’ve met that I can call 100% human, you are always putting others interest before yours. You are loved. Happy Birthday buddy. Enjoy your special day.
There are actually no words fitting to describe a loving person like you. You’ve been a paradigm of love since I met you. Happy Birthday dear. May God bless your new age with more love.
Stars shine and stay in the sky, rainbow glows and stays in the sky. You don’t stay in the sky but to me, you shine better than them all. Happy Birthday my angel.
I hope the light of this day will take away sorrows that have hold you firm, may life become anew to you and may hope come afresh to you. Happy Birthday dear.
Nothing gives me the confidence to keep moving other than having you as a friend, because I know we’ll always push through with every challenge having you by my side. Happy Birthday good buddy.
Give answer to this deepest question, if life could hand over to you what you really want, what would it be? May you have whatever your answer is. Happy Birthday dear.
The key to a long and happy life is to love regardless of whether you will be hated or loved in return. Happy Birthday friend. May you enjoy it.
It’s your birthday? Again? I thought you stopped having those when you turned 25. Just in case, you’re celebrating, this year, I hope it’s an awesome one!
I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday, so I tried to mail myself to you, Special Delivery. The mailman dropped me at the wrong house, so I’m sending you this birthday message, instead.
Breaking News: It’s time to celebrate another birthday! I hope your big day is one for the history books, but this year, let’s make it onto the news!
I offer you some advice on your special day: Keep rocking, keep smiling, keep shinning, keep being yourself. I wish you the best of love and good health. Have a rockin’ birthday!
Happy Birthday to someone who is like a fine bottle of wine. You get better with age. Let’s raise a glass to another wonderful year! Happy Birthday!
I tried to send you some hot firefighters for your birthday, but they wouldn’t all fit in the box, so I’m sending you Best Wishes, instead!

I hope you found the best cool birthday message for someone special. I will update this post with some more cool birthday wishes messages. For more Happy Birthday Wishes, go to the home page of this website. Thanks.