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Birthday Wishes for Crush Girl - Happy Birthday Crush Messages

Looking for the best birthday greeting message for your girl crush? Well, in this post, you will get all the latest birthday greeting messages for your crush girl. If you send a romantic birthday message to your girl crush, she will definitely be happy and will think about how much you love and care for her. So choose the best birthday greeting message for your secret crush female and send it to her right now.
You are so sweet and Beautiful. What a crush you are. You set my soul on fire. Today, make wonderful memories and enjoy every bit of your birthday.
All I want is to see you every day. Your sweetness brings me smile on my face. Pretty Lady, all I want is your happiness on this wonderful day. A wish to say Happy Birthday.
May your day be filled with much laughter and happiness. Beautiful people like you need to be having memories of a lifetime. Memories that will last forever. Have a Happy Birthday my girl crush.
I've never fallen for any lady like I've fallen for you, I've fallen deeper than the deepest ocean. Please let me be yours. Happy birthday. 
When I see you, my feet go weak and I can’t stand firm. I think about you so much that it scares me. Someday I just want to hold you. Happy Birthday, my desired lady!
Happy Birthday, my dream girl. You are so amazing and different from millions of roses in the garden. Life is meaningful with you in it. Just enjoy this special day with much love and happiness.
I’m very sorry I can’t make it to your birthday. Now I feel so empty at heart and my world is a living hell. My warmest heart wishes to you.
You have no idea how much I feel about you. You are very special to me and I always look forward to the day I can hug you. My heaven, have a Happy Birthday.
Life won’t be complete without you, my candy crush! My heart longs for your touch. Now it’s a special day in your life. I wish you a Happy Birthday. Enjoy every moment today.
The day you entered my life, I realized how special you were and how much change you brought into my life.  I am glad to have you as my crush.
The greatest addiction I've suffered in my life is your addiction. And the only cure for my addiction is you. 
You are so handsome, so decent and lovely; I can’t stop thinking so much about you. Hoping that you will one day tell me you love me. Happy Birthday my prince and crush.
Was taking a walk at the park when I saw your sweet looking face. You looked so innocent and you charmed my heart. Today is your special moment I wish you a Happy Birthday.
You were born this day, No wonder you are so beautiful and gorgeous. In case, you don’t know you are my crush. You are all I long for. Hey! Happy Birthday! Enjoy yourself.
This day comes only once in a year, am happy to be with you my girl. Enjoy every bit of it. Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true.Your admire and love.
You deserve to have all the happiness in life. Wonderful angel may your life is always bright, and may you enjoy this birthday with all the best wishes.
I have a present for you, that you might have the best birthday party ever. May your dreams all come true and may you enjoy success in everything you do.
I've read and studied you more than I've read and studied any book in my whole life. You're life to me and it's important that I have you. Happy birthday to you crush.
Took my chance and I was rewarded with the most amazing gift in the world. There is no one other than you, my crush. May your new age bring you a lot of happiness.
Happy Birthday to my crush of my life. You are the best and lovely girl around. I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with all the best fun.
Lovely Lady, you are my favorite girl around. You have stolen my heart away hope you take good care of it. Happy Birthday.
You are amazing and I hope you have an amazing birthday just like you. May you see me as I see you.
I can’t hold it in anymore; you are the girl I have been crushing on since the first time I laid my eyes on you, so I always wish you the best.
Happy Birthday my crush, you are pretty awesome, have a hearty time as you celebrate today with those closest to you.

Birthday Wishes for Crush Girl

I know we are friends for many years but I had a feeling to you since 2 years. I tried to convince myself that this’s not true but really no way, I love you. Best wishes for the best girl.
I love your smile, your beautiful hair and your legs, yes I have a crush on you, and you are the girl of my dreams, the only girl who’d make me happy. Enjoy your day.
I wish you a very Happy Birthday my crush. I hope someday we can finally be together!
It’s completely my pleasure to wish the most beautiful girl who is really very special for me a great day.
24/7 I only think about you. You live in my thoughts. Happy Birthday my first crush.
The day you said ‘Hi’ to me was the loveliest day of my life and I started my life again. Happy Birthday to the beautiful one.
To a very special lady on her very special day, Happy Birthday. May you live long and enjoy all the good things the earth has to offer.
To the shiniest star in my galaxy, the star that outshines even the sun in all its glory, Happy Birthday Star.
The world rejoices as you celebrate another year in your life. Happy Birthday to my special person.
I adore everything about you, from the way you walk to the way you laugh. Happy Birthday.
I can only imagine how my life would be without you to brighten it up: dull and hopeless. Happy Birthday.
Life is beautiful with you around. I lose my mind when I set my eyes on you. You are my sexy crush. On this wonderful day, I wish you a Happy Birthday.
Hey, my nights are filled with you in my thoughts. How I wish I can have you close to me and not that far off. I wish you a Happy Birthday, my girl, enjoy your day.
I’m on a journey, where I have no destination. There is only one place in mind and that is in your heart. You are my crush! On this special day, I wish you all the best.
Mom told me that talking to ladies may bring you troubles, but with you I think getting troubles is the best idea. My deepest wishes.
I got something I got to tell you. But I don’t think it’s allowed to be on paper. Come find me and I’ll tell you in person. Happy Birthday.
Everyone has a crush. You’re my secret crush. But it’s only a secret if we keep it between us. Happy Birthday girl.
When I see you, my eyes and heart keep talking together. Hope one day my tongue will tell you their secrets. An adorable birthday to the cutest girl.
You were always picking on me and trying to get my attention. I always thought it was so cute when you do that. Little did you know that you were my crush.
People would always say we would look so cute together. I would have to agree. You were my crush so I thought it would work out well. Happy Birthday girl.
I have an immediate weakness in my spirit any time I think about you, it shows the gravity of my love. I know someday you’ll appreciate having me around you. Happy Birthday my desired lady.
You’re very different among millions of ladies in the world. Nothing has ever gone strange with you. I hope to spend my life with you. Happy Birthday dream girl.
The more I look at your eyes, the more I have crush on you. Let’s slice the cake today without looking at each other. Happy Birthday cutie.
On your special day today, I pray you always have cause to smile and no cause to frown. Happy Birthday, sweetness.
Every time I see you I pray we have a relationship that lasts forever. Happy Birthday to you.
I pray this new year of yours ushers you into times of great excitement and blessings and good health. Happy Birthday!
May you never walk alone, may you never experience rainy days, and may you never go without a smile. Happy Birthday.
Here is my birthday present to you: my heart wrapped in a bow. Happy Birthday to the one who holds my heart in her hands.
There is never a right time but I will make one and tell you how I truly feel, for today my girl crush, enjoy your birthday without a single care in the world.
I hope you know how lucky you are, you are not only loved publicly, but secretly by me and someday I hope I can turn you from my girl crush to my girlfriend.
Enjoy the piece of cake, the great company and mostly my heart felt letter of love and appreciation. Have a grand birthday my girl crush.
You’ve always been the girl of my dreams and someday I hope I’ll wake up to find you next to me. Have a beautiful birthday my crush.
I may not have much, but if I ever have you my girl crush, I’ll have the most amazing girlfriend in the world. Happy Birthday beautiful!
No one can compare to you, and if it isn’t you, then I don’t want anybody else, have a beautiful birthday my girl crush.

Birthday Wishes for Crush Female

I love you and you will never know it, that sucks but at least I can send you this beautiful birthday message and tell you one year older one year more beautiful my girl crush!
You are so special to me. You guided me through the rough times in life. Your birthdays shall be filled with Joy and gladness.
I wish you millions in your account and millions in hugs and smiles on this special day. Happy Birthday, love.
Any moment without you seems like a whale in a water-less ocean. A day will be wasted without you in it. Happy and glad is my heart whenever I am with you.
Comfort is what I promise you every day of your life if I get the chance I need with you. Happy birthday crush. Do enjoy every good thing the day is loaded with.
My heart is all yours, today, tomorrow and forever, do as you wish with it. I love you so much and know for sure that nothing will alter that. To the most beautiful girl in this world. happy birthday.
I hope someday and very soon I will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last thing when you go to bed, just like you are to me now.
I’ve never fallen for any lady like I’ve fallen for you, I’ve fallen deeper than the deepest ocean. Please let me be yours. Happy birthday crush. Be good all through today and beyond.
I’ve been calling on your love for a very long time, but it sees I’m wasting my time. I’ll never stop until you’re mine. Happy birthday crush. I love you for real.
From the first day, I met you I knew that I was the most privileged of men. Happy Birthday my sweet.
I made you a wish this birthday, a wish for continuous happiness, long life and prosperity. Happy Birthday, dear.
I wish you fulfillment, satisfaction, and every desire of yours met, now and forever. Happy Birthday.
Celebrate your birthday knowing that someone likes you a lot, and you make that person happy just by existing. Happy Birthday.
I pray love, joy, and beauty surround you now and forever. Happy Birthday my crush, enjoy your day.
May God bless you with clarity, purpose, and contentment until the end of time. Happy Birthday to my secret crush, I love you.
You are precious to me, I only wish you knew how much. More than gold, more than diamonds, Happy Birthday love.
I hope you know just how dear you are to me. Happy Birthday, darling, have a splendid day and a grand celebration.
You are a real sweetheart and a beautiful soul inside and out. Happy Birthday to a very sweet person, wishing you all the best.
I know you probably don’t know I have a crush on you, and I bet you don’t know how happy you make me. Happy Birthday.
The greatest addiction I’ve suffered in my life is your addiction. And the only cure for my addiction is you. Please help me cure me with you. Happy birthday my addiction and crush.
I’ve read and studied you more than I’ve read and studied any book in my whole life. You’re life to me and it’s important that I have you.
My darkness will become a thing of the past if you shine the light of your love to me and through me. Happy Birthday crush. Enjoy your special day.
I hope today will make you happy like never before, but if you’re finding it difficult to have a great day, please I’m a phone call away from changing the day.
I have an extreme faith in us if we could exist in the world of love, you won’t know how perfectly I imagined us if we could try.
I’ve tried my best to have you but It seems you have your attention on something else, I want you to know I’ll be here waiting even if you reach old age.
I found every bit of restoration that I needed the very moment I met you, you are my lovely charm and I have waited for you for eternity. Happy Birthday crush. Come on be mine.
There is no better time to have you than right now, I need you so much right now, I want you to consider my most salient request. But enjoy your special day dear.
I just want to know you more, and to achieve that I’ll do anything including making you happy even though I’m not a comedian. Love you so much my dear crush.
If there are a thousand angels in heaven and they ask me for a wish, I’ll ask them to watch over you always until you become mine. I love you that much.
Even without you being much of a friend, you have become so close to my soul that I feel things will be special with you in my life.
I’ll maintain you all the way if I get to take you to the altar. It’ll be an achievement. I love you so much, assist me to do more by accepting me.
So many times my heart feels like it’ll leave my body, especially when I ponder on thoughts of being with you somehow. Don’t let me go crazy, take me in.
It takes extra courage to talk to a woman like you, but I would climb mountain to get that courage, especially now that I am crushing on you.
Happy Birthday my dear girl crush, you are the most beautiful girl I know of and you stop my heart when you move close to me. Have a lovely day!
May all your wishes come true as you blow out those candles my dearest girl crush, you make being single easier. Have a grand birthday my darling I like you a lot!
May all the good things in the world happen for you today as you turn a new and prestigious age, I love you beautiful girl; crush!
I would like to see you grow stronger, heartier and happier each day: be there for you till the end of time, but you don’t know I have a huge crush on you.
Have an unforgettable birthday full of cheer and happy surprises like this one. I have a huge crush on you girl and I’d like you to be mine for keeps, consider me!
May the stars shine bright for you, may all your wishes come true and may you always be glad. Happy Birthday my girl crush, you are awesome!
Words don’t seem enough to describe how much I like you and how much I’d love to be with you, for today enjoy your birthday my girl crush, until the right time dear!
Everything about you makes life worth living; I love you and hope to always be here when you need someone. Enjoy your day my dear crush!
I have a crush on you and someday I hope it will be more. Have an amazing birthday my dear girl, you look beautiful today by the way.
Another year means another year hotter and wiser. I am so glad that you came to this world to grace us with your wisdom.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Crush Girl

I have been having a crush on you for the longest time and thought this would be the perfect day to tell you how I feel. I hope we can meet so I can express myself.
You’re such a gem and your smile is as attractive as chocolate is to a little kid. I hope you’ll keep that stunning smile that gives me joy. Happy Birthday my crush.
Some crushes just never go away, they turn into something permanent, obsessive and all consuming, you are my crush girl, and I can’t wait to make you mine, a beautiful birthday to you.
Sometimes I just can’t ignore the way I feel when I see you smile, have the best birthday my beautiful crush, you are the queen of my heart.
Your eyes make me shy, and I’m still waiting for the courage I need to tell you how I feel princess, for now, enjoy your birthday crush.
I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart, you are the one I want to make my wife someday. Have a blessed birthday my crush.
I like her because she smiles at me and means it, that is why you are my crush, have a day as beautiful as you’re.
There are a billion different ways to tell you how I feel, but I can only say it one way: I really like you. Happy Birthday my dear.
Your smile is so cute, but I’m guessing you have already heard that before. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile.
Happy Birthday to a dashingly pretty lady. I hope your day is filled with lovely smiles and awesome gifts.
I feel overwhelmed with joy whenever you are around. This shows just how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday, dear one.
I know you don’t know this, but I think of you more than I have ever thought of anyone else, ever. And I’m thinking of you now (obviously). Happy Birthday.
You are the most awesome person I have met in a long time now. Wishing you a Happy Birthday sweetness, have a blast.
Happy Birthday to an amazing woman who means more to me than anything has in forever. Have an exquisite celebration today.
Happy Birthday to the woman of my dreams, both asleep and awake. Have a great day as you celebrate a new year.
You make every time with you a good time in my life. Happy Birthday to a wonderful person.
From this day onward, may every morning you see be a special morning. You deserve it. Happy Birthday, darling.
Have a wonderful birthday, as wonderful as you make me feel. Happy Birthday to my secret love.
I like you a lot, and I wish I could tell you that in person. Celebrate your day today knowing that there is someone who worships the ground you walk on. Happy Birthday.
Today and forever, I wish you blessings upon blessings till your cup overflows. Happy Birthday to a dear one.
You may not know me well, but I know a lot about you, especially about your kind heart and gentle soul. Happy Birthday to one dear to my heart.
I wish you a charmed life as you turn a year older today. All your heart’s desires are yours for as long as God is God. Happy Birthday.
People ask me why I smile a lot. They don’t know that I have a secret crush, and it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday, dear.
Wishing you a day that makes you as happy as your life has made me happy. Have a great day today love, Happy Birthday.
You outshine even the lilies of the field that surpass Solomon in all his glory. Happy Birthday to my secret crush.
It doesn’t matter that you are a year older, you are ever young in my eyes. Happy Birthday to a precious lady.
Forever young, you are celebrating one-year younger today. Have a wonderful celebration, and know that I love you so much. Happy Birthday.
Hello Sweetness, Happy Birthday! I wish you an absolutely fantastic and superb day today, and I hope you save a special smile for me when you read this.
I will live out my days a blessed man, just for the fact that I met you. Happy Birthday, darling, enjoy your celebrations.
The sun shines differently since the day I first saw you. Even the clouds are afraid to dim its shine. Happy Birthday.
You are a wonderfully special person in my life. I adore you and speak blessings upon you as you turn a year older today.
Happiness and joy flood my heart whenever I see you. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and long life and prosperity.
I pray that the peace and bliss that you bring to me comes to you twofold and never leaves. Happy Birthday, love.
Words alone cannot describe what I feel or what I want to say. But I will say this: you are beautiful and amazing. Happy Birthday.
If it is possible to live up to a million years old, I wish you would. Age with grace my love, Happy Birthday.
I was always shy about telling you how I felt because I didn’t want to be rejected. To my secret crush on her important day, Happy Birthday.
I have always liked you since I saw you that first time at the park. I heard it was your birthday today, so I wanted to wish the most special person in my life Happy Birthday.
From the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, you are exquisite. Happy Birthday to a perfect woman.
You are the very definition of beauty, the way God intended it to be. Happy Birthday to my smashingly beautiful crush.
All your birthdays should be celebrated as public holidays. Happy Birthday to an awesomely wonderful lady.
I look forward to celebrating your birthday with you today. Wishing you a full day of enjoyment and fulfillment and good memories. Happy Birthday.
I pray that you receive everything that you wrote on your birthday wishlist. Happy Birthday, darling.
I gathered every special hug and kiss in the world and packaged them only for you. Happy Birthday to you love.
You are very precious and very special to me. Have a great party, and keep some cake for me. Happy Birthday, sugar.
I enlisted the help of your siblings and hid some gifts for you in your room. I hope you like them. Happy Birthday my crush.
I pray you always have a smile on your lips and laughter in your heart as you celebrate this day. Happy Birthday.
Give me a chance, and I will give you the world. You are always in my heart. Happy Birthday special one.
I pray that all the things you do and want to do make you happy. Have a blast today dear, Happy Birthday.
I want you to know that all my wishes for you are only of good things and good times. Happy Birthday, darling.
All your dreams are coming true this year, just keep those dreams alive. Happy Birthday to an amazing woman.
Every morning I wake up, yours is the first face I want to see. Happy Birthday, my heart, wishing you long life and prosperity.
My greatest wish for you today is that every hour should bring a big surprise to you and make your day a joyful one. Happy Birthday, darling.
Today is a special day because it is my secret crush’s birthday. Have a beautiful day today, I love you with all my heart.

Flirty Birthday Wishes for Crush Girl

Your birthday should be instituted as a festival so that I can celebrate it properly. Happy Birthday my love, have a blast.
You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey… Happy Birthday to my sunshine.
Just as the moon revolves around the earth, so does my life revolve around you. Happy Birthday my love, have an enjoyment-filled day.
Smile baby, it’s your birthday! Where is the party, so that I can show up with my surprise? I look forward to seeing you then, meanwhile, have a wonderful birthday.
Even if prosperity is not your desire, I want you to be rich. Even if happiness is not your goal, I want you to be happy. Happy Birthday to my world.
Happy Birthday to my precious diamond. Sending you sweet wishes on a sweet day, and I hope your party is a blast.
Let me prove myself to you, and I will give you the world. Happy Birthday to my crush, I love you to the moon and back.
Accept my love, and let us go on a journey that will last for a lifetime. Happy Birthday to an angel, I love you from the bottom of my heart.
You don’t even have to ask dear, I will always stand by you. Happy Birthday, honey, remain sweet and young.
Give me a chance, and I will show you that I am a man of my word. Happy Birthday, angel, wishing you long life and prosperity.
I will always be there when you need to make the tough decisions, and I will always support you no matter the outcome. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
For you, I will wait forever, hoping that you will someday love me the way I love you. Happy Birthday, sweetness.
You have a heart of gold, and if you let me, I will make sure that no one misuses it ever. Happy Birthday my darling.
Happy Birthday, my love, I wish you all the good things that God has in store for you, and I hope to leave the friend zone with you very soon!
As far as I am concerned, I have no future without you. I hope you start to see your future the same way too. Happy Birthday, crush, have a great day today.
Just give me a chance, and your next birthday will be celebrated on the moon. Happy Birthday, my secret love, your day is blessed.
My heart is on fire for you. It is bursting with love for you! My crush, tell me that someday you’ll love me too. Happy Birthday.
I don’t care what anyone says, I know that loving you has changed my life forever. Happy Birthday, my secret sweet tea.
You make me feel things I’ve never felt before. You complete me. Happy Birthday to my crush, I will always love you.
May my love be your blanket on cold days and your shade on sunny days. May your nights be warm and your days filled with rejoicing. Happy Birthday.
You are unique and perfect in every way. I wish you were already mine. Happy Birthday, sweetness, enjoy your day.
What do you wish for? I am here now, and you have an endless number of wishes to make: I will make each one come to pass. Happy Birthday, darling.
The biggest present you will get today will be from me, because you deserve only the best. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
I’m in a rush to say Happy Birthday to my crush.

Love Birthday Wishes for Crush Girl

The challenge of fighting for a gorgeous lady like you is delightful to me, because it gets the best out of me, I hope I’ll come out victorious someday. Happy Birthday cute girl.
My crush on you is injurious to my health and I know you’ll always want to see me, but to make that possible, you need to become mine. Have fun today sweetie.
What can I say? You are my favorite girl. Why? You are just so cute and I love seeing you blush. Happy Birthday girl.
I want you to know something special. I know that I come across as a jerk sometimes but you are my favorite girl.
Did you know that before you and I become a couple, I had the biggest crush on you? Funny how it all works out either way. Happy Birthday, my favorite lady.
You always asked me about the reason of my permanent smile; time to admit that I only smile much when I talk to the crush. I love you and hope you do this to me one day.
We would never be able to know what the world would have to offer if we didn’t become something special. You only get to know by taking a chance. Happy Birthday to my crush.
I have a secret. It’s a big secret. OK, it’s a little secret. But it’s still a secret! Happy Birthday. This goes to you, my favorite crush.
Crushes are cute and so are you. It’s only even better since I have one on you. A wonderful party to the most beautiful girl.
You are something truly spectacular. I’m glad that I told you that you were my crush. Enjoy.
The best wishes for my crush. You are one of my favorite girls around. I hope you have an awesome birthday filled with fun and laughter.
I like flowers & blooming buds, I like moon, I like music, I like nature but the thing I love most is only ‘You’. Happy Birthday – the complete paragon of beauty.
My heart starts beating more rapidly when I see you. Wishing you a very delightful day ahead.
Happy Birthday to the arrogant but cute girl, I wish I could ignore you as you always do.
Your beauty makes me crazy; I wish I could ever say I love you. Have a fabulous day ahead.
Falling in the hopeless crush on a beautiful girl is the most painful thing that you have no chance with. Happy Birthday, anyways.
When I saw your picture, I just had crush on you. You are the most beautiful creature of God. Wish you a marvelous birthday.
I want to see your beautiful face, love to hear your voice, hang out with you, make you laugh, talk to you day and night but the most of all these, I just want to be ‘your boy’. Happy Birthday, cute girl.
When you text me, my lips automatically go wider and eyes get filled with glitter. Happy Birthday, my first crush.
Happy Birthday! Damn. You are so so pretty.
Hey, cute girl, I can’t stop myself from liking you. I just fount today is good to say that.
Thinking about you before sleeping and after waking is in my top priorities. Happy Birthday – the sweetest lady.
Without asking my biodata, without saying or listening anything, keep all the customs aside. Can you just walk with me? I have a special plan to make your special day very amazing.
I know, you don’t know me but I do know you as much as you don’t know about you. Happy Birthday my crush!
Your smile is the real treasure, makes my day brighter. Happy Birthday sweet lady.
My nights are sleepless, my tongue is speechless and my mind is baseless. I can feel the beauty of world after seeing you. Happy Birthday cute adorable lady.
Thinking about you in my leisure gives me extreme satisfaction. Happy Birthday, sweetie.
You are the girl with full of attitudes, a class of style, cute looks and fatal acts. You may not be lesser than the princess. Have a fantastic day!
When I saw you the first time, the weather was so lovely and I just went crazy in just a few seconds. You are getting in my feelings and I feel your absence in my life. Wish you a very cool birthday.
I have always seen something in you most people don’t, you have a huge heart and that’s what makes you my crush. I will forever admire you, May you have many more.
I feel you every moment no matter you are far away from me and in fact I just love you. May you get the best of everything. Happy Birthday!
Crush with a lovely lady like you keeps me far away from day full tensions. Have a wonderful day.
I got intoxicated in the magic of your beauty. You are the lady with a class. Happy Birthday!
I am not afraid of any rejection, if you are beautiful then it’s not easy to ignore me and trust me as well! Happy Birthday, sweetie.
If Pizza is the best breakfast, you are the best candy. The best birthday to the lady whom I have crush on.
A long time ago, we used to have class together. We were young but I used to have a big crush on you. Happy Birthday! It’s funny how time has brought us together.
Today is a special day. Today is the day of your birth. Well, I guess I have to do something special considering you were my crush. Don’t act so surprised. I always enjoy having you blush spectacularly so.
A charming birthday to the girl who made all my friends have crush on her. Have a day as charming as you are.
You are an awesome girl and I have a ton of fun with you. Is it in any surprise that you became my crush? Enjoy your special day.
Moving closer to you made me realize that there’s much to what your outside appearance speaks, you’re adorable in and out. I’ll appreciate it if you become my wife someday.
Your smile is as attractive as chocolate is to a little kid. Happy Birthday to the cutest girl!
It has taken up all my courage to finally do this: Happy Birthday my crush, I like you a lot and I wish you would accept me as your gift, I could show you a side of love you never knew. Think about it as you share this special day with special people.
You are my secret crush, I have known you for the longest time and I have never found the courage to say this to you. I think you are pretty and I would like us to date, what say you? Anyway, Happy Birthday!
Watching you for 3 years proves that I care much about you. How attractive and charming you are! Time to tell you that you are my first and last crush.
I hope this feeling is mutual, I need you and I know we could make a great couple, Happy Birthday sweet girl, please turn this into girlfriend.
You have been there for me through each and every moment, I confess, I have a crush on you, because you are the girl that completes me.
Happy Birthday to the girl who destroyed my mind by very much thinking day and night of her. Hope you calm my mind one day.
I have always admired you, and now I am not ashamed to say this, I think you are pretty awesome and I like you a lot. Happiest of birthdays.
You not only rock my world, you rock my day and every time that I get near you I feel weak. Happy Birthday my crush, please allow me to take you on a birthday date!
The sacrifices that I am willing to make for you, even I am surprised. Happy Birthday to the one close to my heart, receive all your heart’s desires.
Your beautiful eyes ensnared me from the first, and now I am hooked. Happy Birthday dear, love from your secret admirer.
Goosebumps appear anytime you look at me. When you smile, I am gone. Happy Birthday dear one, may your smiles never dim.
Tell me what you really want to make your day perfect, and I will get it for you. Happy Birthday, sweetness.
I want everyone to know that I have a crush on you. Do you have a crush on me too? I hope so. Happy Birthday, love, have a splendid day.
Happy Birthday to the most exquisite, talented, down-to-earth, beautiful, intelligent woman I have ever known. Have an awesome day today.
Happy Birthday, darling. I have always wanted to tell you just how amazing you are. You are astonishingly beautiful both inside and out. Have a great birthday today.
I am not a stalker, I just know how to get the information that I need. So don’t ask me how I know that today is your birthday, LOL. Happy Birthday, crush.
It’s my crush’s birthday, I hope the gift of me is enough to put a smile on your face, I know it sounds a little corny, but meet me; I have a surprise for you.
We could turn this little crush of mine into something real and wonderful, I long for the day you take my hand and forever be mine.
I’m too shy to speak and too scared to be rejected, but I have nothing to lose so here goes, Happy Birthday, I really like you, you are my crush, do you feel the same way too?
It’s the first time for me to have this talk with a pretty girl like you. All what I want to say is: I LOVE YOU. By the way, Happy Birthday!
I’m invisible but follow you in silence for many years. Your Facebook Timeline is my other home. A great birthday to my inspiration.
I may never measure up to your expectations but I hope you have a great and awesome birthday!!
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