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Birthday Wishes for Mother-In-Law - Happy Birthday Mom In Law Messages

Your mother-in-law is no less than your mother. Remember, she gives birth to your better half. Your mother-in-law deserves the same love you do to your mother. On her birthday, you need to send her a birthday greeting message to make her birthday special. In this post, you will get all the latest messages about your mother-in-law's birthday. Choose the best birthday message for your mother in law and send now.
Happy birthday to the world’s best mom-in-law! You’re classy, intelligent, and caring. Basically, everything I aspire to be. Thanks for showing me how it’s done.
I know I don’t say it nearly enough, but thank you for all the times you’ve been there for me. Your support during my first few years of marriage have made my marriage stronger, and I appreciate it more than you can know.
Life has given me plenty of reasons to be happy, and you are one of them. I couldn’t wish for a better mother-in-law.
Our relationship reminds me a lot of Thelma and Louise. Except there’s no Brad Pitt, and we don’t die. Hmmm. Okay we may not be Thelma or Louise, but we’re still besties anyway.
Happy birthday to the mother-in-law who makes life look easy. I know all your dreams will come true, but I will still wish it for you on your birthday anyway.
I know I am supposed to hate and fear you, but instead I really enjoy spending time with you. Happy birthday to the woman contributes to making my life wonderful.
They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that’s not true. Mom-in-laws like you are. Here’s to many more girl’s nights filled with good food and lots of wine.
You are a such a wonderful grandmother, and you are an even more spectacular mom. Nothing compares to how awesome a mother-in-law you are though. Happy birthday to the best mother-in-law!
You are absolute perfection, and I hope lots of people tell you that on your special day today. If not just call me, and I’ll be glad to tell it to you every day and not just on your birthday.
With a such a beautiful mother-in-law, it’s no surprise that my wife is such a beautiful woman too. She got all of her grace, poise, and laughter from you. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
You have always felt less like an in-law and more like my mom. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have two amazing moms. Happy birthday mom!
I’m glad I get to celebrate the day you were born, because if you didn’t exist then I’d be unbearably sad. I am so grateful you have come into my life, and I can’t imagine not having your amazing presence.
My marriage gave me more than a husband; it gave me a second mom. Thanks for all the love and support you have given me over the years. It truly means the world to me.
You mean way too much for me to call you mother-in-law so I figured I would let you pick your favorite endearment. Do you prefer mom, friend, or bestie? Happy birthday to the woman who embodies all those things to me.
When I married your son I gained a second mom. Don’t tell, but you’re my favorite! Happy birthday to the mom who has been there for me more than my own.
We may be a little crazy, but at least we have each other. The best thing that ever happened to me was marrying your son, but the second best was gaining a friend like you.
Our relationship is a lot like Chinese food. Sometimes it’s sweet and sour, and sometimes it’s too spicy. Overall though it’s still amazing and delicious. I’m so glad I have someone like you in my life. Happy birthday mom-in-law!
Thanks for helping make all my married friends jealous that I have such a cool mother-in-law like you. You’re the best! 
My marriage didn’t just give me a second home, but a second mom as well. Thanks for always being someone I could depend on. I am so grateful to have married into such a warm and loving family.
You’ve raised such a wonderful family, and I am so blessed that I get to join it. Happy birthday to the most welcoming and loving mother-in-law I know!
I know it’s weird, but I actually enjoy hanging out with you. Are you sure you’re doing this mother-in-law thing right? Happy birthday mother-in-law!
Happy birthday to a phenomenal mother-in-law who has always treated me like family. You’ve always made me feel loved, and I hope you feel the same on your special day.
If I didn’t have you as my mother-in-law just know that I’d still choose you as my friend. Not just any friend either, but the kind of friend I would drink lots of cosmos and spend way too much money with.
We may have differing opinions or minor disagreements, but we can definitely agree on one thing: you’re an exceptional mother-in-law. Happy birthday!
To the matriarch of our family: thanks for being the boss! I am so fortunate to have a mother-in-law who excels at keeping this crazy family under control.
Happy birthday to the mother-in-law who brightens even the dullest day with her sparkling personality and smile. You are the glue that holds this family together, and I wish you every joy on your birthday.
Some men are sad that they are shackled not just to their wife but their mother-in-law as well. To me shackled is just another word for attached, and I couldn’t be more so to you. You are a delightful mother-in-law.
This year I hope you get the one thing you really want for your birthday mother-in-law: lots of wine and cake. I will work on getting you George Clooney next year.
My husband has always said that he has two amazing and beautiful women who have shaped his life, and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for bringing the man of my dreams into this world.
You may get to pick your significant other, but you don’t get to pick his parents. I am so thankful that I lucked out with such a fantastic new family. Thanks for being such an incredible mother-in-law.
Don’t think that your son is the only one who loves you like crazy. I could give him a run for his money when it comes to loving such a fabulous person like you. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
I hope you never stop being as wonderful and loving as you are now. It’s hard to find a mother-in-law who is so respectful, and I am aware of how truly fortunate I am to have you. Happy birthday to the best mother-in-law around!

Birthday Wishes for Mother In Law

I try to not to think of your birthday as celebrating you getting a year older, but as getting the chance to spend another year in the presence of such a phenomenal mother-in-law.
I have to admit that sometimes I get jealous of the relationship you have with your son. He thinks it’s because I am jealous of all the time he wants to spend with you, but really it’s because I want you all to myself!
Normally mothers-in-law are shown in a bad light, but you are the light in the darkness for me when I have lost my way. For all the times you’ve guided me know that I am deeply grateful.
When my husband is being an absolute idiot you are the first person I think to call. That’s because you are the only other person who really understands who I am dealing with. Thanks for all the support!
There are many things in the world that sparkle: stars, diamonds, and glitter. None shine more brightly than you. Happy birthday to the mother-in-law whose personality gleams.
I could never give you a birthday gift as amazing as the one you gave me: your precious daughter. I can only hope to live up to being the son you never had. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
Having a husband who has such a caring soul and impeccable behavior are a true testament to what a great job his mom did raising him. Kudos for being the best mom as well as the best mom-in-law.
I want our daughters to grow up just like you: sophisticated, beautiful, and charming. You are the epitome of the woman who has it all, and I am glad they have such a positive role model in their life.
Just know I really appreciate you not murdering me while I slept for stealing your darling daughter away from you. I am so happy to not only have a wonderful mom-in-law, but also to still be alive!
We may appear distant to others, but I know that you are always there if I need you. To the woman whose quiet support is always a given: thank you and happy birthday mother-in-law.
I am so very blessed to have gained not just a mother-in-law through marriage but a best friend as well. I hope your birthday is just as spectacular as you are to me.
I hope that you can think of me not as a daughter-in-law but as another one of your daughters. I have always wanted a mother like you, and I am so happy I got to marry into such a wonderful family.
I am so blessed that the man of my dreams is not only perfect, but he has a perfect mom as well. Now I know where he gets it from! Happy birthday mother-in-law!
Dear mom-in-law, we may be special cookies, but at least we have each other. Thanks for always being the chocolate to my chip. Love, your favorite daughter-in-law.
I hope this year brings you many more fond memories in life, because no one deserves it more. Thanks for being the type of mother-in-law that I not only admire but love as well.
You not only redefine the standard for other mothers-in-law, but you are setting the bar incredibly high. I am so proud to have a second mom like you. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
On your special day, I was trying to find the right word to sum up our relationship and how I feel about you. I am going to go with amazing.
You’re much too young at heart to ever be considered old. Happy birthday to my mother-in-law who looks more like my sister-in-law.
I want you to know that I am eternally grateful that I have not just an amazing mother-in-law but an amazing babysitter as well. You always make time to help with your grand kids. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.
Your presence is always a source of peace and tranquility in my life. You remind me so much of my own mom and all the love she has showered upon me.
When I wed your daughter I promised to love her and always make her happy. That includes making you happy as well, because you are her everything. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
I want my daughter to be brave and fearless in life. She only needs to follow in your footsteps to achieve that. Happy birthday to a spectacular role model.
I want to say thanks for always feeding me mom-in-law, but more importantly thanks for teaching my wife to cook. Your family recipes warm my heart as well as my stomach.
Another year has passed and it reminds me that I need to celebrate the fact that you are healthy and happy. I couldn’t wish for anything more in life.
Just so you know I am pretty sure you are supposed to be evil and not amazing. Happy birthday to the mother-in-law who defies stereotypes.
I couldn’t have picked a better grandmother for my kids. You are such an important part of their lives, and I am deeply grateful. Thanks for always spoiling them when I couldn’t.
Many people joke about having a horrible mother-in-law, but the jokes on them because I’ve never met a more kind and affectionate person. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
Life flies by so fast that sometimes I forget to keep in touch, but I want you to know I love and cherish you mom-in-law. Happy birthday!
Thanks for always listening to my rants and complaints. You are a trusted adviser that I know I can depend on when I need a shoulder to lean upon.
My relationship with you is not just a formality that I am forced to endure. It’s a cherished bond that I am so blessed to have. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
You are constantly putting others before you. I wanted to remind you that this year you should do whatever you want for your birthday, because you deserve it.
We may not be best friends yet mother-in-law, but at least we’re not enemies. Thanks for always keeping it real.
Thanks for being not only the voice of reason in my marriage but my partner in crime as well. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
It’s not just blood or the bond of marriage that makes someone family. It’s when someone loves you unconditionally whether you deserve it or not. That’s exactly the kind of person you are: a second mom.
This birthday I wanted to let you know how appreciated you are, and I hope you get to spend the day in the company of everyone you love. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
You continuously astound and amaze me mom-in-law. I strive to be even half the woman you are in life. You are my hero.
You’re such an open-minded person. I am so glad that you have never once judged me and only ever guided me in life. Thanks for being such a dear companion.
I just wanted to let you know that I find everything about you not only admirable but adorable as well. From the tips of your toes to the top of your perfectly coiffed head. You are such a treasure in my life.
You’re not just a fantastic mother-in-law, but you’re a fantastic friend as well. I had no idea that when I married your son I was gaining a lifelong friend, and I am so happy to have you in my life.
When I met you I was envisioning an evil stepmother, but instead I found a fairy godmother. Thanks for always making me feel like a princess. I am so very grateful.
As mothers-in-law go you are not just one of the best, you are the very best I could hope for. Thank you for being such a source of love and guidance. I hope that your every wish comes true this year.
I was going to get you an expensive gift this year mom-in-law, but then I thought long and hard about what you would prefer. It was a toss-up between shoes and cake, but in the end I went with cake. You’re welcome mom.
I hope that in the future we can be more than in-laws; I hope we can be friends. Here’s to many more years building a friendship that will last a lifetime. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
Happy birthday to someone who touches every life she enters and spreads joy to everyone she knows. I wish you lots of happiness and affection for your birthday mom-in-law.
I hope you know that I never want to take you for granted. Having a mother-in-law like you is a rarity, and I am so appreciative. Happy birthday!

Birthday Messages for Mother In Law

A bond like ours is hard to find. It’s stronger than that of friendship, because it’s the bond of family. I am so glad that I married your son, because I also gained the love of a mother as well.
I wanted to get you something funny and charming this year for your birthday, but then I realized you already had a son-in-law like me so I figured you’d be set this year. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
I wasn’t able to light all the candles on your birthday cake this year, because it turns out you need to have permits for bonfires. Happy birthday to my mother-in-law who has a wonderful sense of humor! Don’t hurt me please…
Cars, ships, jets, and real estate are things I can always give to you. However, they can never be enough to requite your kindness towards me. Have a blessed day!
To the rest of the world, you are a mere mother-in-law, but deep down in my heart, you are a rock of support during life’s turbulent storms. Enjoy this day to the max!
When I married your son/daughter, I never knew that it would start an amazing relationship with an intelligent woman like you. Thanks for broadening my understanding of marriage. Happy birthday.
I think that when God instituted marriage, he meant to give the motherless a chance to receive motherly love. I’ll say that you’ve done a terrific job so far. Happy birthday.
Your words are music to my ears; and your smile, peace to my mind. Thank you for showing me the ropes of marriage. You are truly one of a kind. Happy birthday!
Thank you for teaching my husband/wife how to love like a real man/woman. Very few men/women are fortunate to have good teachers like you. Enjoy this day to the fullest.
I want you to know that not only can I appreciate our similarities, but more importantly I respect our differences. I hope your birthday is filled with good cheer and that our relationship will continue to grow.
On your birthday, I just wanted to let you know that you are an irreplaceable part of this family. You help keep this family together, and we would be nothing without you. Thank you to the best mother-in-law anyone could ask for!
I need to remember to tell you this every day and not just your birthday: you are not only adored but deeply loved as well. Thank you for being such lovely mother-in-law.
We’ve been planning this vacation months ago for your birthday. Pack your things! We are going for a weekend vacation to celebrate your birthday. No buts and ifs. See you mom! Ooops! I almost forgot to greet you a HAPPY Best Birthday!
I am blessed to have a mother-in-law who looks better every year, who treats us special each day, and who watched over my daughter when we are at work. Sending you my love and best wishes. We love you and we will tell you everyday. Happy wonderful birthday to you.
I was shocked when I thought that it is from father-in-law that my wife learns how to repair the leak under our sink. She told me it was you who fixes your sink because father is so big that he could not go under. Haha. Both of you are incredible! Wonderful birthday, superwoman!
I’m sure you will look elegant on the dress I gave you. Cannot wait to see you on your big day. Happy Birthday, ma!
I think God loves me so much because He give me two awesome mothers. I will forever be thankful for that. Enjoy your party! Love lots.
I never felt the love of my biological mother, it is you who showed me what is being loved by a mother. Today, as you celebrate your birthday, let me thank you for all you have done. I pray for your success in life. God bless you with good health. Happy Bday!
We do not care if you are getting bigger and bigger. Enjoy your pizza party courtesy of no other than your handsome son-in-law. Happy Birthday!
We always feel your love even though you are miles away from us. We wish we were there right now to celebrate your birthday. We promise to visit you soon, even if it’s not your birthday. Sending you our best wishes. Happiest birthday to you, mom!
A wonderful birthday to a wonderful woman who give birth to my wonderful wife. Best wishes.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful, intelligent, and giving mother in law, that anyone could ask for.
To the most caring mother in law i could have ever asked for, I hope you have a lovely birthday.
Happy birthday to the sweetest mother in law in the world, may today be a reflction of all the love and joy you bring to those around you apl year long.
To a dear mother in law who I love more than anything, I am wishing you a happy birthday and hoping it is everything for you and then some.
May you sour on the wings of eagles, and never stop shinning your bright inner light, which lights our paths every day. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, ma! I know you will always stand by us and push us to be our best.
Although this finds you in difficult times, I know that you will pull through like you’ve always been doing. Love you.
Never stop being an amazing wife to my dad-in-law, and an awesome grandma to my kids. Continue to keep us in check. You’re nothing short of phenomenal. Cheers.
They say it takes two to tango, but you’ve shown us many times over that success is a mindset. Don’t stop thinking big and believing in yourself. We love you.
You keep reminding us that the fullness of life is not in one’s years, but in how well those years are spent. May you continue to live your inspirational life to the fullest. Thank you for inspiring us. Happy birthday.
You’ve always represented God to us. On this big day, I pray that the Almighty will continue to empower us through you. Have a blessed birthday.
No wonder why my wife look so beautiful. It is definitely because of you. Thanks for the love. Happy Birthday!
Whenever my husband acts out, you are the first person I call out to. This is because you are the one that perfectly understands how to make things work. You are such an awesome person. Happy birthday, mother-in-law.
A lot of things in this world shine: diamonds, stars, and glitter. Despite this, none of them shines as bright as you. Happy birthday, mother-in-law. Keep on shining.
I could never come close enough to giving you the quality of the gift you gave me – your precious daughter. Thank you for being my mother from another mother. Happy birthday, mother-in-law. I wish to be the son you never had.
Having an awesome, caring, and adorable husband like your son goes a great length to show how much of a good mum you are. I thank you for bringing someone awesome into the world. It shows just how awesome you are. Happy birthday, mother-in-law.
Mothers-in-law are why some women dread marriage, but having you as my mom-in-law makes me want to re-marry your son over and over. Thank you for being fantastic!
It’s an honor and a privilege to be your son-in-law. I couldn’t imagine a better mom-in-law than you. Thanks for taking me under your wing and helping me grow not only as a husband but as a person.
Thank you for raising such a phenomenal daughter. She is the woman of my dreams, and you must be incredibly proud. I will try and live up to the expectations you have set so you will hopefully feel I deserve not just your daughter’s hand, but her heart as well.
It’s easy to just tolerate your daughter-in-law, but it takes a special kind of person to welcome them into their family with loving arms. You are the kind of mother-in-law who accepts me as I am, and I am so very grateful.
Most people hate and fear their mothers-in-law. But for me, I really enjoy spending time with you. I just can't help it, you're an awesome person. Happy birthday.
You are such an awesome mother-in-law. In addition to this, you are a wonderful mum. I would have loved to have you as a mum, but you still make me happy as a mother-in-law. I wish you more years of joy. Happy birthday.
You are absolute perfection. I hope everyone reminds you of that today. If no one does, I will be glad to tell you for the rest of my days. Happy birthday, mother-in-law. 
The relationship between us is just like Chinese food. Sometimes it's so spicy. Other times it's sweet and spicy. Overall, it is a delicious experience. I am so lucky to have a mother-in-law like you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mother-In-Law!

They say that mothers are God’s angels sent to watch over you, and mothers-in-law are Satan’s minions sent to nag you. I think they got it backwards, because you have been far better to me than my own mother. I love you so much, and I wish you every greatness.
Mothers-in-law are usually portrayed in a bad light. This is not the case for me. You are usually the light in my darkness. Your loving guidance is what has brought me this far. Thank you for your support. Happy birthday, mother-in-law.
I am so fond of you mom-in-law. Your daughter and I are competing for your love and affection, but she doesn’t seem to realize I am winning! Let’s keep it that way. Happy birthday mother-in-law!
that what you are currently going through is a challenge that you have the strength to prevail over. Don’t ever give in to it. Happy birthday.
When you believe in yourself, even Mt. Everest is conquerable. Keep believing in yourself and bringing down all the mountains on your way to astonishing greatness.
Trust in God. Put your faith solely in God, and He shall forever supply all your needs.
Happy birthday, Mom! I need you to know today that you are mightily blessed. May this special day inspire you to count all the remarkable blessings in your life.
I know success will be yours if you brave all odds and remain faithful to the cause of pursuing your dreams. I hope you never forget how great you are. Happy birthday.
I am a staunch believer in your abilities. I hope you never stop dreaming big. You inspire me greatly.
With a can-do spirit, the impossibilities of this world become possibilities. Happy birthday.
Amazing mother-in-laws like you are as rare as a rainbow in the sky. My dear, I may not say it often, but on this special day, do know that it’s an incredible honor to be your son/daughter-in-law. And I mean every word I say. Happy birthday.
Wishing you the most joyful of birthdays! I’m absolutely lucky to have a fabulous woman like you as my mother-in-law. God bless you.
Some mother-in-laws are not just ordinary mother-in-laws; they are angels sent from the heavens to make our lives here on earth joyful and colorful. You, my dearest mother-in-law, are one such special people. Happy birthday!
You treat me more than a daughter-in-law. You showed me love and care. How lucky I am to have a mother-in-law like you. Wonderful Birthday. God bless you.
I asked God to shower you with more blessings on your birthday. If you receive it do not hesitate to share it with us. 🙂 We love you more than anything in the kitchen. Happy another year.
You do not look like you live exactly half a century. You look like a year younger. Haha. But honestly, I would love to look like you when I reach that age. Stunning, elegant, and confident. Cheers to another year. Best birthday, mom!
You and my wife had lots of common. Both talks too much and hates waiting, but both of you are loving and caring. I love you both from the bottom of my heart. Wonderful Bday!
A tremendous birthday to a mother-in-law who knows how to make a family bond. One who makes sure we are there for one another. Enjoy every second of the day.
You talk to me and make me light up when I’m down and that warms my heart whenever I am around you. I hope this birthday grants you all that your warm heart desires.
Happy birthday to one of the most wonderful women in my life. You give me love, unconditionally. I want to show you how much I also care by celebrating you on this special day. You are loved.
Not everyone can say they have a mother-in-law who will have their back, no matter the circumstance. I’m lucky to be one of those who can. I celebrate you on this special day. Have a blessed day!
A fantastic birthday to a woman I know with one of the strongest hearts. You are an inspiration to everyone around you and I appreciate all you have done for me. I hope you find happiness in whatever you do and at wherever you are.
It is my wish that you keep growing in wisdom so you continue to bless us with your good counseling. Have a cheerful birthday!
I might seem clingy to you sometimes but it’s the serenity you exude I wish to attain. Have an amazing birthday mother-in-law and continue to bless people with your presence.
Dear Mother-in-law, on your special day, I wish you good health, prosperity, and happiness beyond measure.
Happy birthday to my second mom! Thank you for being such an amazing person. You’re truly an inspiration for us.
Dearest mother-in-law, on your special day we would like to remind you just how much we cherish you. Thank you for always being so kind and considerate.
Happy birthday wishes to my mother in law! May your evergreen personality and kind nature never change. And may God bless you in all that you do.
I hope you have a day full of bliss, a year full of happiness, and a lifetime full of love. I can start the day by telling you how proud I am to be a part of your family. You are a one of a kind mother-in-law!
Thanks for always being there when I needed advice and for always showering me with love and respect. It’s rare to find a mother-in-law who cares as much as you, and I want you to know I am aware of how privileged I am to have you.
I didn't just get a husband from my marriage. I also got a second mom that has been my pillar throughout the years. You mean the world to me. Happy birthday.
The word "mother-in-law", doesn't do justice to the relationship between us. So, I would let you choose your preferred endearment: friend, mom, or bestie? You embody all these to me. Happy birthday.
I want to say happy birthday to the best mother-in-law in the whole world. You are classy, intelligent, and fun to be with. In essence, you embody everything I wish to be. I love you so much.
No matter how many times I say this, it cannot be enough. I want to thank you for the support you have given me since the early days of my marriage. Without your support, this marriage wouldn't be the success it is today. Happy birthday, mother-in-law. You are an important part of our marriage.
There are a lot of reasons life has given me to be happy. You are one of them. Happy birthday my sweet mother-in-law.
You’ve brought so much meaning into not just my marriage but my life as well. You are a wealth of knowledge that I wish every newly-wed bride had access too. Lucky for me, I have you all to myself. Happy birthday mom-in-law!
When I’m with you, I’ve nothing to hide. Thanks for creating a welcoming environment for me. God bless you on this day!
God has so many things in store for you. On this day, I pray that He will bless you with them in his time. Enjoy your day to the max.
Every day I feel honored and blessed by the opportunity given to me to be the daughter/son-in-law of such an amazing woman like you. Happy birthday, my dearest mother-in-law.
It may have been all you had but you gave your all to your son/daughter and me without asking questions. Thank you for being our pillar of support. Savor every bit of the joy that comes your way today.
Sometimes, I think that you love me more than you do your son/daughter. You’ve been more than a real mother to me. I’m thankful for your life on this day! Happy birthday.
I’ve had my share of life’s ups and downs, but with you around, the downs seem few and very surmountable. I can’t thank you enough for your advice, kindness, love and care. I hope your anniversary is as colorful as you have made our world.
If there’s a memory I have of you, it’s that you have a heart of gold! Never would I be able to repay you for your constant unflinching generosity and love you shower on me. Happy birthday.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Mother In Law

Today, I raise a glass in your honor. Thank you a million times for making this world a better place for me. Happy birthday.
He who finds a good mother-in-law finds a good thing. I’m so glad that I found the best mother-in-law in the whole wide world. You are simply awesome. Enjoy this day to the fullest.
I like to call you my mother’s twin because the two of you are alike in mannerisms and temperament. Thank you for being you. Happy birthday.
You raised your son to be a responsible and loving man. And now, I will teach our children the same. Thank you for being an inspiration. Have a wonderful birthday, mom!
Happiest birthday to one of the most beautiful women in the world. Continue being a blessing to everyone. We wish you good health and success. Happy Birthday, ma!
If only I had one wish, I would wish you to stop working too much. You are not getting any younger in case you didn’t know. Take good care of your health. Me and your grandson loves you so much. Happiest birthday, mother!
I hate myself for not being as good as you in cooking. I hope you would share your secrets. For now, enjoy the cake I baked for you. Best Bday, mom!
A million thanks to the best mother-in-law in the world. Best Bday!
Thank you for all your love and sacrifices. We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Enjoy your special day.
I am thinking of what to give you on your birthday. I end up writing this card which I’m not used to. Just want to say thank you for taking care of my family. Wonderful Bday!
I have sent you an amount of money enough to give yourself a massage today. Go on, pamper yourself! It’s your day. Enjoy!
A sweet happy birthday full of love to the most caring mother in law in the world. Love you lots and hope it is an amazing day of celebration.
Happy birthday, mother-in-law. You are always there to support me no matter the situation I find myself in. I am very grateful and I wish you joy on this day and the rest of your days on earth.
You help carry the burdens of other people and you never complain. You motivate me to fight when all hope seems to be lost. It is a pleasure for me to celebrate you today. Happy birthday and enjoy every bit of the day!
A wondrous birthday to my mother-in-law! I wish you grow in strength and stay healthy always. I wish you peace and wealth because you deserve all those and much more.
We are very excited to finally reveal to you our birthday gift. Congratulation! You are soon to be a grandma!! 🙂 We keep it a secret to surprise you. We knew you were waiting for it. And now here it is! Best Bday, Mom!
To the most caring mother-in-law, to the strongest woman in the family, to my inspiration… Happy Happy Birthday! Praying for you always. Love lots.
I am afraid of you at first. I thought you are like any other typical mother-in-law I watched in the movies. But when I finally get the chance to know you, I think you are awesome. So I am giving you this card to say that I am your daughter-in-law who is willing to learn more about life hacks and wishing you a best birthday. Thanks for the love.
If there is one person I want to be, I want it to be you. Strong and fierce. I thank God for giving you another year. I will pray for more years. We love you. Happy Birthday, ma!
My husband tells me that there are two beautiful women in his life. Me and you. I couldn’t agree more. You are really beautiful inside and out. We are blessed to have you. Happy Bday!
You are the joker of the family. You always put a smile on our faces. But more than that, you give us the true meaning of a happy family. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday, ma!
At first, I do not believe that you are the mother of my husband. You look beautiful all along. Where did he get his looks? Just kidding! Thank you for giving birth to my kindest husband. Haha. Happy Bday!
Another year has been added to your age. Do not worry, it is only a number. What matters most is your unending love and sacrifices for the family. Enjoy this special day of yours. Wonderful birthday!
I want to thank you for taking care of your daughter and now my wife all these years. I promise to do the same to her. As a gift, we will visit you on your special day. We will bring you your favorite food. Have a wonderful birthday. We wish you all the best.
This is a perfect time to say how much we appreciate your kindness. We are glad you remain so loving and caring. We pray to God to give you what your heart desires. Wonderful Bday!
Never been anyone who loved me like you do dear mother in law. Happy Birthday.
On your special day, I hope that God bless you. May He fulfill all your dreams and desires. Happy birthday mom in law!
I am highly grateful to the creator of this universe for giving me such a warm-hearted mother in law like you. Happy Birthday.
On this special occasion, I pray Maa that God bestows upon you his infinite mercy and divine blessings. May He keep you in perfect health and grant you a long life.
May the Almighty bestow upon you everlasting joy and happiness for years to come. Happy Birthday Mother in law.
Dearest mother-in-law, on your special day I supplicate that God fulfills all your dreams and desires. May you continue to live among us for many more years.
On your special day, Mum, I pray that you never change and may God bless you millionfold. We love you to the power of infinity.
May Lord bless you with a peaceful, beautiful and energetic life. Happy birthday dear mother in law.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Mother-In-Law

Who you are is what I wish to be someday. Though I am far from it, I shall thrive to get there no matter what. I wish you continue to shine and stay blessed as you always are.
Have a blessed birthday, Mom. You are a virtuous woman. You make sure we walk the right path and you are always seeking our best interest. My wish is that you stand firm in what you believe in and continue to influence others to become better versions of themselves.
In addition to being an absolutely beautiful day, today gives me a wonderful opportunity to let you know 
I am the luckiest person in the whole world to have a mother in law like you. Happy birthday, dearest!
Blessed to have you in my life. Hope you have a memorable birthday, mum.
I have always wanted such a warm-hearted mother in law like you. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday to the coolest mother in law in the whole universe! You’re cooler than the frozen ice ridge of the East Antarctic Plateau.
You are the world’s smartest mother in law I have ever seen. Happy Birthday.
I can’t resist myself from sharing the profound joy and happiness I feel on this day. Happy birthday to my mother in law.
Dearest mother-in-law, I wholeheartedly wish you happiness and health on this joyous occasion.
You are like my mother and my best friend. You have everything I always wanted in a mother in law. Happy birthday to the best mother in law.
When I came to your house, I didn’t know anything but you taught me the greatest things in life and made me special. Happy birthday mother in law.
Thank you for all the wisdom that you have shared with me. Happy Birthday to the woman of greatness!
Have a joyous birthday, sweet mother-in-law, and please don’t stop being elegant, intelligent, kind, and charming — they are such beautiful traits to have.
You are deserving of my commendations for being such a loving mother-in-law to me. Happy birthday! And may the joy you bring me follow you all the days of your outstanding life.
Today, I formally bestow upon you the prestigious award of the “Best Mother-in-law of the Century”. May your journey of life be happy and fulfilling.
Happy birthday! Thank you for bringing me happiness that surpasses my understanding. On your birthday, I pray that joy will always surround you generously in the same lavish manner that water surrounds the islands of this world.
Wishing you a fantastic birthday today, the one day you do not have to feel guilty about eating all the cake that you want.
To a sweet mother in law who does so much, I hope you have a wonderful birthday that brings you peace, joy, and love.
A mother in law that I wouldn’t trade for everything, you are a friend, you are family, and I hope you have a beautiful birthday surrounded by family and love.
Thankful for a mother in law that is such an inspiration and example of love, thank you for all that you do through the year, love you more than anything. Happy birthday and may you see many more yet to come.
Sending you warm wishes on this special occasion, you have been such a wonderful mother in law and I am blessed to know you. Happy birthday.

Birthday Prayers for Mother in Law

We can’t repay you for all the prayers you’ve said for us. On this day, we pray for divine direction and bliss in your life. Have a blessed and truly happy existence on this mortal journey you are on.
May this day serve as the beginning of greater, happier and more prosperous years to come.  Happy birthday.
I pray that you stay on this earth long enough and with good health to see your great grand children; they just will love your jovial spirit. Happy birthday to you, ma!
I’ll always say a prayer for you when I say one for myself because you mean a lot to me. On this day, I pray that everything good in this world will always come knocking on your door. Happy birthday.
I pray for the mighty spirit of God to lead you every step of this new phase of your life so that you may always know and feel what true happiness is. Stay blessed, and do have a wonderful anniversary.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom-In-Law

Dearest mother in law, I know you secretly hate me for stealing your daughter/son. But I want you to know I love you too. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Mum in law! Thank you for letting me babysit your son/daughter for the rest of my life.
She is an incomparable woman with an act of incredible courage and a heart full of infinite love, so never stop feeling respect and appreciation for her.
That is why on the day of her birthday. Fill her with beautiful details such as the beautiful phrases we have for you on this occasion.
Happy birthday mum in law! We will be coming over to eat all your delicious dishes. P.S. I’ll be stealing all your recipes.
Sometimes you irritate me with your irrelevant talks, but still, I love to hear them all. Happy birthday, dear mum.
I wanted to send you a birthday cake but then I remembered you are not allowed to eat sweets. So, sweet birthday wishes to you mother in law.
I do not know what I did to make an awesome mother-in-law like you, just as you do not know what you did to make an amazing daughter-in-law like me. Happy birthday mother-in-law
You are always fun to be with, always loving and caring. You will have a special place in my world and in my heart, dear Mother-in-law. Wishing you health and happiness always.
You are one of the bravest woman I ever met, you have risked much for your kids and now you allow me being part of your family. I don’t have enough words to show you my affection, but I wish you a happy birthday.
Can’t believe my favorite woman is getting grey hair already. Happy birthday to my mother in law!
Your mother-in-law is a person who has gone through many sacrifices to bring forth the person who conquered your heart.
Misunderstandings, disagreements, and disputes – none of them has enough strength to build a wall between us. Happy birthday mother-in-law
You always put others first, dear mother-in-law. So today put work off, put some music on, put your feet up and relax on your Birthday. May you always be happy and healthy.
You are a very hardworking woman who strives for the welfare of her family. On this day you deserve to relax and celebrate in style being surrounded by people who love you. Have a nice birthday.
You are always fun to be with, always loving and caring. You have a special place in my world and in my heart. Wishing you health and happiness. Happy birthday.
No one can scold me like you do. Still, I love you from the deepest corner of my heart. Happy birthday, dear mother in law.
We can be parents-in-law, but a great chemistry that we share. Just like a mother and a daughter, we make a great couple. Happy Birthday.
We have had our share of misunderstandings, difference in opinions and disagreements. But I still respect you a lot and think that you are the best mother-in-law in the world. Happy birthday.
old and manipulative mothers-in-law most people have seen, but being warm and caring is what’s been mine. Happy birthday mother-in-law
I love to make my other married friends jealous by looking like a cool mom-in-law like you. Happy Birthday.
If every woman had a terrible mother-in-law like you, every woman in the world would also have an amazing second mom. Happy Birthday.
I have always seen you as my mother and you have always seen me as my son. We are a couple, that’s one in a million. Happy Birthday, Mom.
Happy birthday to the coolest mother in law ever! Love your ice-cold strictness and caring attitude, ma’am.
Today I want to thank you for all the special things you do, for your loving and caring ways, your patience and kindness. Thanks for being you. May you have many more birthdays to come.
An amazing husband who supports me and a lovely mother in law to understand me – my marriage made my wishes come true. Happy birthday mother-in-law
Your daughter is not the only person who loves you the most in the world. I compete with her. Happy Birthday.
Raising children would have been a disaster if I did not have a mom-in-law like you to keep me from making mistakes. Happy Birthday.
Parenting a child, managing a family, achieving a professional success and a wonderful person – you are my role model for everything. Happy Birthday.
An amazing husband like mine can only be the son of a fantastic mother like you. Happy Birthday.
If you are as extraordinary as a mother-in-law, I can not even imagine how amazing you would be as a mother. Happy Birthday, Mom.

From a Daughter-in-Law

On your [insert year] birthday, I wish you all the best in life. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be thankful for all the good things that you do. Happy birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law!
A good person like you is not easy to come by in this world. Thanks for being such a good mother-in-law to me. I wish you good health and all the best in life as you continue to grow into a more and more amazing person every day. Happy birthday!
You’re such a caring and loving mother-in-law. When we were going through a tough time, you stood by us, lifted our spirits, and strengthened our marriage to help it stand the test of time. I'm so blessed that you're always there for us, encouraging us and teaching us how to live a happy life together.
Happy birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law! Thank you for accepting me as a member of your family.
Today is a perfect day to let you know that you are such an amazing mother-in-law and you possess every positive quality one could look for in a caring parent. I wish you a very happy birthday!
You are so wonderful to me. May your special day be filled with happiness and love!
You have no idea how much of a difference you have made in our lives. I’m extremely grateful for every smile you put on my face by being caring and friendly to me. Happy birthday!
Here’s wishing a very special person a joyous birthday. I'm exceedingly grateful for your assistance with raising the kids while I'm working full time. Thanks for being my second mom ever since the wedding!
Cheers to the most caring person I have ever known. Your kind words are so inspiring. Thank you, and happy birthday!
Today marks another milestone in your life. You are the embodiment of good virtues and a shining example to others. I wish you all the best as you celebrate your birthday today. Thanks for your support—I love you. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to one of the most fun-loving and caring people in my life. Thank you so much for always making me happy—I really appreciate it.
You're the reason for all the love, comfort, and happiness in our marriage. Thank you so much for your positive influence in our lives. Happy birthday!
I'm so happy to be celebrating the birthday of the most amazing person anyone could ever ask for. There is no doubt you’re one of the secrets to our happy home. I love you!
I’m very proud to say you’re the most kindhearted parent I have ever known. Thanks for always being caring and supportive. Happy birthday!
Your words are so touching and kind. Your brilliant smiles always bring me joy. Your presence in our married life has brought us nothing but happiness. Thank you so much for always being so thoughtful and supportive. Have a wonderful birthday!
May this new day bring long life, wisdom, and the capacity to play your motherly role that you know how to do best! Happy birthday, mom!
Hooray! I wish you good health, great accomplishments, and all the best today and beyond! Happy birthday!
I wish you a wonderful birthday and many more years of fun, happiness, and knowledge as your wisdom continues to grow throughout the years.
Mom, life with you is such an amazing and beautiful experience. Have a fun-filled birthday!
Today is your special day to celebrate with family and friends. Remember that you are older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow. Have a wonderful celebration with lots of sweet memories!
Happy birthday to my second mom! I want to use this occasion to say thank you for bringing light, love, and hope to this home. You’re the best marriage counselor I've ever known!
I am so pleased to be a member of your family, so let’s celebrate your birthday together with everything you have ever wished for. Thanks for being caring and thoughtful. I love you, mom!
Life as a couple could have been difficult to cope with if you had not shared some of your life experiences with us. Thanks for always being there. Happy birthday!

From a Son-in-Law

Today is such a special day in my life, for it marks the birthday celebration of the kindest, most loving and generous mother in the world.
Well wishes to my dearest mother-in-law. May you have a fun-filled birthday celebration!
I pray that the years to come will be filled with more beautiful things than you could ever dream of. Happy birthday!
Words can neither qualify nor quantify the love, care, and support that you have shown to me and my children. You are one in a million. We love you. Happy birthday to the most precious mother-in-law in the world!
May the days of your life be filled with fun, good health, and happiness! I love you, and I always will. I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!
You have always been so special to me, and I would like to say I appreciate how wonderful you've been since the wedding day. Happy birthday!
My dearest and most caring mother-in-law, we celebrate you, appreciate you, and treasure you always. I'll never let you down. Happy birthday!
Having you as my mother-in-law is a blessing to me. May all your dreams and wishes come true! Thanks so much and have a great day, ma!
I have gained so much from your moral and positive attitudes. You’re truly a role model to my wife. Thank you and enjoy your birthday celebration, my dearest mother-in-law!
You’re not only a mother-in-law but more of a mother to me. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. Happy birthday!
May your special day be filled with sweet memories and every beautiful thing that you wished for!
Lots of hugs and kisses for the most wonderful woman. I wish you lots of peace and joy this year and in all the years to come. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!
May all your special requests be granted and your home filled with happiness and love! Happy birthday!
Special birthday greetings to an amazing woman I cherished so much. I wish all your best wishes come true as you mark your [insert year] birthday today. Have a memorable birthday!
Congratulations, and I wish you many more fruitful years to come. Happy birthday!
Your kindness and love have endeared you into my heart forever. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!
If I had been associated with the wrong mother-in-law then I would have been a heartless person by now. Thanks for teaching me how to do the right thing. I love you and wish you all the very best in life. Happy birthday!
You have been an inspiration. Your achievements have been remarkable. I see myself as a lucky person for having you as my mother-in-law. Many happy returns of the day!
We really appreciate the good examples you have provided to us and our children. May you have good health and strength to continue your wonderful work in our lives! Happy birthday!
Thank you for taking good care of me; I appreciate all your tender love and kindness. I wish you a wonderful day today and on all birthdays to come. Happy birthday!
Thanks for loving me unconditionally. Here's wishing you a day that is as special as you are. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!
Today is a special day to let you know how much you mean to me. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Happy birthday!
I am delighted to celebrate with you on your birthday. Many happy returns of the day!
Thanks for teaching us the right way of doing things as a couple. I have never felt happier than I do at this moment. Happy cheers to you, mummy!
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