Baking soda, a natural product for all house cleaning. And for personal hygiene

Baking soda, a natural product for all house cleaning. And for personal hygiene

Baking soda, a natural product for all house cleaning. And for personal hygiene

Become deodorant, toothpaste, and shampoo. In the kitchen, ideal for cleaning the refrigerator and oven. In the washing machine, it replaces the softener


At home, it must never be missing. For a very simple reason: you can clean practically everything with baking soda, a natural remedy, which allows you to avoid wasting money and excessive industrial products.

From floors to furniture, from sofas to clothes: baking soda is also very effective in eliminating stubborn stains. It is also a natural anti-odor product, precious where bad odors often thicken. In the refrigerator, in the pantry, in the bathrooms. Again: it is an exceptional repellent for ants, cockroaches, and centipedes. And during the summer, just put it in a bowl, as if it were a coaster, to keep mosquitoes away.


Chemically called sodium salt of carbonic acid, sodium bicarbonate is a substance present in nature in deposits that see it present in the form of effervescences or encrustations, so it is often extracted with low economic and environmental impact. However, it is also produced on an industrial scale due to its massive use in the food industry, starting from a base of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and sodium chloride. It is codified among the food additives certified by the European Union with the code E 500.

Its properties are truly manifold, the first of which is its power to neutralize odors thanks to its ability to make acidic and basic PH neutral, as well as the release of carbon dioxide when heated. It is the reason why biscuits, bread, or desserts rise fragrantly and grow in the oven. Baking soda can also act as a very mild abrasive cleaner, perfect for removing stains from sinks, countertops, and even fine china.


We can use baking soda anywhere in the house. Here are some fantastic ways to use baking soda to clean your home green and at no cost.

For personal hygiene

  • It is a great ingredient for making deodorant at home
  • It can be used as a whitening toothpaste
  • A teaspoon in a hot bath: it is perfect for softening the skin for both adults and children. Plus, relax
  • It is excellent before and after shaving the beard. Just dilute it with warm water and wet your face before and after shaving
  • The shampoo with water and bicarbonate is ideal for a deep cleansing of the hair and purifying the scalp
  • It is a precious ally for the cleaning and cleansing of brushes, combs, scissors, and makeup applicators
  • As a body scrub, it is phenomenal
  • Softens hands makes them clean and soft especially if we have touched foods with a strong smell (fish or garlic)


  • In the kitchen, from the refrigerator to washing fruit
  • In addition to the common use of bicarbonate as yeast or as a digestive, cleaning in the kitchen is easier and greener if we use it in our routine. That's how:
  • To clean the fridge and the freezer and remove bad smells from the fridge, simply by placing it in a bowl with two drops of lemon.
  • To clean the oven with a wet sponge and baking soda, making a kind of slightly abrasive cream.
  • In the cleansing of fruit and vegetables instead of chemical additives.
  • For cleaning your baby's bottles: a solution of hot water and bicarbonate will remove odors and various residues.
  • Very suitable for cleaning kitchen countertops with its slightly abrasive but delicate power.
  • Ideal for cleaning coffee and tea stains from cups, coffee pots and teapots.
  • Cleaning grills and oven and barbecue pans is easy by soaking them in hot water and bicarbonate.
  • The cheapest and most effective dishwasher detergent is made by mixing equal parts bicarbonate and boric acid.
  • When preparing strong smelling foods, soaking pans with baking soda and lemon neutralizes them and makes it easier to wash dishes.

For floors, furniture, and sinks

  • Floors are cleaner and sanitized by adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a bucket of hot water.
  • In the laundry of babies, sodium bicarbonate is absolutely indicated as a disinfectant and deodorant.
  • In the washing machine, it replaces fabric softener, a useless and sometimes harmful expense. It also removes odors from linen and bleaches it.
  • It is great for pretreating washable nappies.
  • Removes dirt from sinks and bathroom fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, and disinfects.
  • Carpets, curtains, sofas, and mattresses can be cleaned and disinfected by putting bicarbonate on the stains and brushing vigorously, even with a vacuum cleaner.
  • To clean the cat's litter box  and make it odorless, a layer of baking soda can be added to the bottom
  • The same goes for cleaning the waste bucket, it will remove bad smells.
  • To deodorize and clean sneakers, let them absorb sweat and the bad odor by putting two teaspoons in sneakers after use.
  •  It is ideal for cleaning garden furniture and plastic children's games.
  •  If you smoke, it is excellent as an odor remover to put in ashtrays.


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