Creative recycling: ideas for not wasting old cups and mugs

Creative recycling: ideas for not wasting old cups and mugs

Creative recycling: ideas for not wasting old cups and mugs

Five very easy ideas to implement. The pincushion, the pot for the plants, the small bird feeder, the cake stand. And even an original clock with 12 mismatched cups


Undoubtedly, you also have cups and mugs at home that you no longer use. Maybe because they are mismatched, they have some small chips, they have been replaced by new pieces. Well: don't waste them. They can be recycled and transformed with simple manual jobs until they become useful objects in our home.


Here are five ideas not to be missed:

  • The pincushion. Take a piece of fabric, perhaps colored, fill it with cotton wool and close it to form a small cushion that will be inserted into the cup. And that's it!
  • The jar.  An old cup becomes an elegant vase for a small plant to be placed in the kitchen or on a windowsill in the living room. Or maybe on the balcony and terrace.
  • The bird feeder. Just glue the cup to the convex part of the saucer and tie the handle of the cup to a rope that will be tied to the branch of a tree. The birds feed will be placed on the concave part of the saucer.
  • The home clock.  Recover twelve mismatched cups and glue them, with silicone, to their respective saucers. Then get a round of wood or plywood of about 50 cm, which you will make a hole in the center to insert the hands. On the round glue the saucers at the hours. On the back of the structure attach the clock mechanism. Everything can be colored with a bright paint for a touch of fantasy. The clock is ready and must be hung on the wall with a steel cable.
  • The backsplash for the cakes. Turn an old cup upside down and glue a dessert plate to the base, with the concave side facing up. This becomes the basis on which to place your cake and make a good impression at the table.

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