Does your hair fall out? Don't be scared and start with a natural rosemary-based lotion

Does your hair fall out? Don't be scared and start with a natural rosemary-based lotion

The causes of hair loss, especially for women, are different. The seasons most at risk? Summer and autumn. Natural remedies to stop hair loss: at the table focus on dishes with a lot of vitamins E. Before shampooing, use linseed oil. Or almond

Don't be scared if you suddenly start losing your hair. The causes can be of different nature, and in any case, it is very likely that the phenomenon is only transitory. An improper diet, stress, anemia. Hereditary and hormonal factors. Smoking or excessive use of chemicals in your hair washing. Too much sun. In any case, the most delicate time for hair loss is during seasonal changes and in late autumn, when up to 50-100 hairs can be lost per day.. Do not be scared and do not immediately succumb to the pounding campaigns for products that use chemicals and are not without side effects. Besides being very expensive. Rather, proceed gradually. Start with natural remedies, such as the ones we suggest here, and then listen to the advice of your doctor.


There are no miracle recipes, nor is it worth betting on expensive and useless industrial products that promise to stop hair loss. But there are extraordinary results that can be obtained, also in terms of prevention, and without wasting money unnecessarily, through some natural remedies. The right food at the table. Do-it-yourself lotions, very simple. Oils, always natural, very effective.

It can happen to everyone, especially in particular periods of stress or poor nutrition, to notice an abnormal hair loss: generally, it is a transitory event also caused by seasonal changes or aggressive cosmetic treatments. Other causes of hair loss for women can be hormonal imbalances and changes, generic factors, zinc or vitamin Deficiencies, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.


If it is a simple and momentary problem that does not require the need to contact a specialist who can identify the true cause of the problem and provide adequate treatment, you can try to intervene with some natural remedies that will allow you to strengthen your hair without resort to products on the market.


First of all, it is good to know that hair loss is also fought at the table through nutrition. In fact, the hair, in order to stay healthy and strong, needs vitamins H and B group. Plenty of space therefore for cereals, egg yolk, brown rice, and fresh fruit. Yes also to green tea rich in polyphenols able to perform an antioxidant action. Also increase the consumption of legumes rich in proteins, B vitamins, and iron, which can strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, and foods rich in vitamin E such as parsley, carrots, spinach, and other green leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

  • Excellent flax seeds with which it is possible to make a strengthening hair pack. Pure linseed oil is also perfect to use before shampooing.
  • Perfetti also compresses with almond oil, olive oil applied to dry hair and leave for half an hour before shampooing and coconut oil to massage the scalp always before the shampoo.
  • To stimulate circulation and strengthen hair, also use fresh grated ginger combined with jojoba oil.
  • And again: do you know that sage is an aromatic herb that can strengthen hair? Use it to make an infusion to be poured on the hair after shampooing. It is enough to use two tablespoons of shredded leaves for every liter of water. It will not only strengthen them but also make them more lucid.
  • Even the ' avocado is also perfect for preparing an effective pack which prevent hair loss. Just apply the previous pulp blended on the scalp at least half an hour / one hour before shampooing. A perfect treatment even for those with particularly dry hair.
  • Even parsley seeds turn out to be a real cure-all against hair loss. In the evening, before going to sleep, grind them and then massage the powder into your scalp. In the morning, comb your hair to remove everything and repeat the operation every day: you will see the first results within a month.
  • Yet another remedy is represented by aloe vera to be used as a compress before proceeding with the usual washing.
  • Then there are henna wraps , an excellent natural remedy to strengthen the hair. Choose it in the neutral variety: Cassia italica or Cassia obovata powder. To make it act, mix the henna powder with a chamomile infusion to form a batter to then act on the hair for at least an hour before shampooing.
  • Finally, even a simple and delicate scalp massage can be very useful to avoid hair loss : it reactivates the microcirculation, hence its positive effect.


Finally, do you know that rosemary is a very effective natural remedy for hair loss? It is in fact able to soften them and make them more resistant. So let's see step by step how to prepare a rosemary needle-based lotion at home to use after shampooing, with the aim of strengthening the scalp and avoiding hair loss:


  • container of almost boiling water
  • Three handfuls of rosemary needles


  • Boil the water mixed with the rosemary needles and then let the resulting lotion rest for at least 15 minutes.
  • Filter the water content to remove the needles and, after shampooing, pass the lotion on the scalp and massage.
  • Let it sit for another 15 minutes.

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