Hair, because it falls out to men and women. Stress, smoking, poor diets, and bad habits with food

Hair, because it falls out to men and women. Stress, smoking, poor diets, and bad habits with food

Hair, because it falls out to men and women. Stress, smoking, poor diets, and bad habits with food

In Italy, 39 percent of men and 13 percent of women suffer from baldness. The life cycle of a hair and the transplant hypothesis


Baldness is a phenomenon that arouses so much debate among those affected as among specialists. Unfortunately, this is a subject on which many clich├ęs and many unsubstantiated legends are widespread, so it is useful to consult the infographic "Baldness in Italy and in the rest of the world", created by the Helvetica Sanders Institute, the leader in the transplantation of hair for over 30 years, which explains in simple words what is the causes of baldness and what are the false myths to dispel.


Italy is a country where 39% of men have a baldness problem and 13% of women suffer from hair loss; these numbers are sobering, considering that according to a survey, 65% of Italians think that baldness is the worst blemish.

From the comparison with other countries, however, Italy comes out quite well, since it is in seventh place among the nations in which there are balder: the first place is occupied by the Czech Republic (42.79%) and the tenth by Canada (37.42%). The biggest gap is with Asian countries and in particular China, where bald people are only 20% of the population. This is due to an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT and is less active in Asians. Hair loss is therefore a problem for many Italians, who seek information and support mainly on the web, since, as we see in the infographic, 59% of men and 64% of women search on the Internet how to fight baldness. .

HOW TO STOP Baldness

To better understand what happens with baldness, you need to know what the life cycle of a hair is: each follicle of the scalp produces a new hair when the previous one has finished its cycle (which can vary from 2 to 7 years). Each hair grows independently of the others and each follows three stages. The anagen phase is that of active growth and lasts from 1 to 4 years, the catagen phase lasts 2-3 weeks and is the time when the follicle withdraws from the surface of the scalp. At this point the hair stops growing and enters the telogen phase when it remains attached to the follicle for about 3 months until it falls out.

This is the normal life cycle of a hair, the problem is when it is not replaced by a new hair and therefore the follicle is no longer able to produce it.

From the infographic, we also know how much hair we have, on average, on our heads: 150,000 if you are blond, 110,000 if you have dark hair and 90,000 if you have red hair.

Causes of Baldness in Men

The androgenetic alopecia is the main cause of hair loss in humans, depends on genetic and hormonal factors, but there are other causes, such as stress, incorrect weight-loss diets, smoking, anemia, surgery, illness, and medications.

Regarding the genetic predisposition, it generally occurs around 35 years of age and it is necessary to know that it is not an excess of male hormones that cause the fall, but greater sensitivity of the follicle to these hormones.

DHT damages the follicle and leads to miniaturization that prevents new hair from growing.


Even in women, baldness can be hereditary and therefore androgenetic alopecia can occur (usually between 30 and 40 years), but it can also occur during other moments of life, for example in puberty or menopause.

Thinning affecting the female scalp is more common than male pattern baldness, meaning it does not affect a specific area of ​​the head but the entire upper part of the hair.

Even in the case of women, stress, bad eating habits and medications can be causes of baldness.

EARLY Baldness

We talk about premature baldness when we start losing hair around the age of 20 and in this case, it can depend on psychological factors (anxiety, stress, emotional trauma) that lead to thinning of the hair and excessive production of sebum. Premature baldness can cause problems in relationships and for this reason, we choose to intervene with treatments or transplants that can restore the pleasure of caressing flowing hair.


The overall data on hair transplants are interesting, because they signal the actual need for people to find a remedy for baldness. In the world, 735,312 transplants have been carried out, according to research by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), while in Italy there are 100,000 people who decided to have a hair transplant last year.

Innovative techniques, such as Smart FUE, allow for remarkable results. The autotransplant, carried out by replanting the follicles on the scalp, allows the follicles to take root in high percentages and thus achieve an optimal result, with hair that regrows naturally.

Whatever the choice of those suffering from baldness, the important thing is not to believe in hoaxes (such as those illustrated in the info graphic) and to rely only on experts specialized in hair health.

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