Stomach pain: the most effective natural remedies. Avoid irritating foods and chew them carefully

Stomach pain: the most effective natural remedies. Avoid irritating foods and chew them carefully

Stomach pain: the most effective natural remedies. Avoid irritating foods and chew them carefully

A few simple natural remedies may also be enough to counteract stomach pain. Beware of too many glasses: it creates acidity. When the pain is occasional, drink lemon balm or chamomile tea


Too rushed a meal. The tension and stress of a particularly busy day. The agitation for a tight deadline and for which we feel not quite ready. The stomach temporary, occasional, and in fact slightly (very different from persistent disturbances over time), can be cured through natural remedies very simple and effective. And without wasting unnecessary medicines, with relative contraindications. These are small tricks, good habits, pieces of the puzzle for a healthy lifestyle. Combine with some very specific infusions, drops or herbal teas: all natural products. In giving these indications we always remember an ancient and popular proverb, very topical: “Digestion begins with the mouth”. That is how you eat and the balance of foods.


To prevent the onset of stomach pain it can be very useful to follow some precautions in your daily life, changing incorrect habits that can trigger the annoying disorder. Let's see all the "stomach-saving" precautions , starting from the style at the table.

  • No rush at the table

Haste is a bad adviser. Even during meals. The many daily commitments often push us to eat quickly, in some cases even standing up or in front of the PC, while continuing to work. The digestive process starts right from chewing. If foods of insufficient size reach the stomach, an inevitable sense of fatigue and weight is triggered. Digestion is thus complicated and slowed down. A picture that gets worse in the evening hours. If you digest dinner badly, you also end up negatively affecting the quality of sleep. In addition, science has shown that meals eaten too quickly affect weight and other aspects of our health. Research presented during Scientific Sessions 2017of the Heart Association , for example, revealed that those who eat quickly are more likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, manifesting risk factors such as overweight, excess triglycerides and cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar .

  • Balanced foods

Acorrect dietis a good ally in the prevention of stomach pain. In a balanced diet it is advisable to limit as much as possible the consumption of sugars, products made with refined flours and long-life foods. Also beware of overly spicy foods and snacks between meals. It should not be forgotten that the body needs an adequate supply offiber, basic components in any dietary regimen for its ability to prevent constipation, soften stools and promote the natural movement of the digestive tract.

  • Neither too cold nor too hot

Once our stomach is guaranteed a healthy diet, it should be remembered that foods should not be consumed either too cold or too hot. With this simple precaution you will avoid causing irritation that can favor the onset of burning.

  • Irritating products

There are various products that contribute to stomach irritation . At the forefront are fatty foods and fried dishes. Even the wrong drinks can harm your stomach. Alcoholic drinks, carbonated soft drinks, industrial fruit juices and coffee ,in particular, have an irritating effectif consumed in excessive doses. In the range of irritating products, cigarettes must be added that have a certain influence on a disorder such as stomach pain. Smoking should therefore be avoided or at least limited as much as possible.

  • Excess acidity

The increase in acidity can depend on various predisposing factors as well as on the presence of various pathologies. However, when stomach acid is an occasional problem, the causes are controllable. It can be too large meals, hard to digest foods or a few too many drinks. L ' overeating tends for example to put pressure on the digestive system, which fails to produce enough substances, such as enzymes, to cope with the volume of food ingested. Even stress and anxiety impacting heavy, distorting the digestive process. To reduce tension , it can be helpful to take time to relax before starting to eat.

  • Lack of Exercise

Getting good physical activity stimulates the digestive tract, helping to counteract ailments such as constipation. Gentle and relaxing exercises such as those practiced in yoga and pilates are excellent, as they help relieve stress.


On mild forms of stomach pain you can act by adopting simple natural remedies.

  • Lemon balm to relieve tension

the main objective is to reduce acidity and, at the same time, to relieve nervous tension, promoting relaxation. When the trigger is linked to anxiety, stress or agitation, an infusion of lemon balm can be a valid solution. The leaves of this plant contain an essential oil with relaxing properties, which acts not only on the nervous system but also on the mucous membrane of the stomach. In addition to lemon balm, it can be useful to drink herbal teas made from chamomile , valerian or other plants known for their calming properties.

  • Fig to fight acidity

If the cause of the malaise comes from hyperacidity, a good natural remedy is found in the fig, also useful in the presence of gastric reflux or gastritis. Its effectiveness derives from the ability to regulate the production of gastric juices and to normalize the physiological movements of the mucosa present inside the stomach.

  • Herbs for digestion

Specific natural herbal products can help those who suffer from stomach heaviness or difficulty digesting. These are phytotherapeutic products, available both in the form of drops or as herbal teas.

  • Relax the muscles

Applying a hot water bottle to the stomach can help to relax the muscles, calming the pain. It would seem the most classic of grandmother's remedies but the validity of heat as a pain reliever has also dealt with a study conducted at University College London. The advice of the experts is to lie down, placing the hot water bottle on the abdomen, possibly wrapping it in a woolen cloth, so as not to burn yourself.


In the event that acute and violent pains occur, it is important to seek appropriate medical advice immediately. Even if you have minor pains that last over time, it is good to undergo appropriate medical checks in order to know the causes of the malaise, which in some circumstances can be pathological.

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