Tachipirina, the waste of a widely used medicine. Even to no avail. And without precautions

Tachipirina, the waste of a widely used medicine. Even to no avail. And without precautions

Tachipirina, the waste of a widely used medicine. Even to no avail. And without precautions

For example, against osteoarthritis, contrary to what many think, tachipirina is useless. It is sculpted by a scientific research published in the Lancet. The cases in which tachipirina can be useful and effective


An over-the-counter drug, but not for this to be used as a glass of water. A  medicine  doubly effective both as an  antipyretic  (to lower fever) and as an  analgesic  (against pains from inflammation). The  paracetamol  is one of the medicines that we waste more, even for the fact that we use it as if it were an elixir against any calamity. Even when it's not needed, or it's useless.

How many times, even for a simple malaise, we have taken a  tachipirina  or we have heard someone, perhaps while talking to a mother who has to deal with a small child with a high fever, say: «Give him the tachipirina». Yes, this drug, whose molecule is  paracetamol,  is used too frequently and easily. Hence  a  waste  of medicines , with possible side effects for health, and an expense, it is of little importance whether it is public or private, completely useless.


Here are the two most frequent cases of tachipirina waste, i.e. when this medicine is really useless. The first concerns the   children's fever . All pediatricians now agree that tachipirina should be given to children only if the fever is very high,  over 39  on the thermometer. And even with a fever of 39, it might be useless. That is, if the child is in a good mood, plays, eats and sleeps regularly, then even with a high fever it is not necessary to use tachipirina. Unless, of course, you go  beyond 40 . In any case, it is essential for children to consult with the pediatrician and respect a dosage proportional to their body weight.

Even more serious and wasteful is the use of this medicine to treat osteoarthritis . A recent analysis published in the  Lancet journal , the most authoritative and reliable in the world in the field of  medicine , clearly states that paracetamol, used for osteoarthritis (and in particular for gonarthrosis) is absolutely ineffective. It is zero for therapy purposes. At most it has a  placebo effect : and this ruling in  Lancet  comes after the University of Bern  has examined 74 studies on tachipirine applied to osteoarthritis.


On the contrary, and with very different efficacy, against osteoarthritis, we must focus on  good prevention . With three fundamental rules: do not be overweight, do not  smoke , do not produce knee load abnormalities. For example, playing soccer after a certain age.


In fact, tachipirina, although it is a medicine that does not need a prescription or a prescription, is suitable for adults, or for children who are at least  15 years old . And here its effects are triggered to relieve fever, or even to counteract a  headache  or a stiff neck. On the market, tachipirina is sold in tablets (also effervescent), in drops and in suppositories: many possibilities, confirming the high use of this drug.


Still on the subject of excessive and wasteful use of tachipirina, it is good to keep in mind that, for some people and regardless of age, this very popular drug should be avoided. In particular: anyone who is  hypersensitive to paracetamol , those suffering from  allergies ,  haemolytic anemia  or  liver failure . And finally, several studies have shown that tachipirina in very high and excessive doses risks being a drug that produces hepatoxicity, or liver damage.

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