The best plants for the bathroom, from bamboo to orchid. Or the hyacinth with its flowers

The best plants for the bathroom, from bamboo to orchid. Or the hyacinth with its flowers

Perfumes for the environment. A defense against humidity. Purifying properties. How to choose the plants for the bathroom

Furnishing the bathroom with plants means giving it a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, the plants also manage to make the air in the house healthier and, therefore, also in this particular room.


A place, the bathroom, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation and where it is nice to see a touch of green, scattered here and there, whatever the size of the environment. Plants expand their beauty and scent, especially if they bloom. Obviously, there are species that, more than others, are suitable for decorating this room of the house, because they are able, for example, to absorb humidity, bad smells, and because they also have purifying properties.


Let's see together which plants are suitable for your bathroom :


This plant is considered very suitable for decorating the bathroom because it can live even in low light conditions and is really very resistant. Better to choose a variety that doesn't grow too fast so you will avoid having to repot it all the time. Bamboo is aesthetically beautiful but you have to remember to water it often with lots of water.


This plant also lives well in the bathroom, as well as throughout the house and is great for those without a green thumb. The Sansevieria, in fact, does not need a lot of water and is rarely watered. Furthermore, this plant is able to absorb the pollutants that circulate in the house and, especially, in the bathroom, making the air healthier. It survives even where there is little light, therefore, it is perfect in blind bathrooms.

The hyacinth

What better plant than hyacinth, with its splendid flowers, which needs little light and doesn't like water very much. The perfect plant for those who do not have the time to take care of gardening and who perhaps have a blind bathroom, without direct light sources. Moreover, the flowers of the hyacinth are very decorative and fragrant, therefore making the environment really pleasant.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a beautiful plant and has many properties. It lives well in a bathroom, where sunlight is not direct, as the sun could burn its leaves. Precisely in these lies the greatest healing power of this plant, because it is from here that the serum that relieves wounds and burns is obtained. Since the bathroom itself is a humid environment, Aloe will not need much irrigation.

The orchid

A splendid plant, which looks good in bathrooms where it is not very cold. The Orchid loves humidity but needs a lot of light. The Orchid wants neither too much light nor too little, because in the first case it does not bloom, while in the second, it hardly grows. The Orchid is so refined that it gives a touch of elegance even in the bathroom.

The photos

The Photos looks good in the bathroom because it can adapt to any type of brightness, so it is perfect for both blind and bright bathrooms. In humid places, such as the bathroom, it grows luxuriantly.


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