The mistakes to avoid with the hairdryer, in order not to damage the hair and save energy

The mistakes to avoid with the hairdryer, in order not to damage the hair and save energy

The mistakes to avoid with the hairdryer, in order not to damage the hair and save energy

After washing, the hair should be dried with a towel. The hairdryer is used starting from the root of the hair and reaching the ends

Having a thorough "hair routine" (literally: hair routine), which keeps hair beautiful and hydrated, is necessary. It is good, however, that during the drying, errors, very common, which can jeopardize the health of the stem and undermine its brightness, are avoided.


If it is true, in fact, that washing is important, just as important is the drying, which is usually entrusted to the hairdryer. The latter must be used correctly to prevent the hair from being damaged, even permanently. Furthermore, the correct use of the hairdryer allows you not to waste electricity unnecessarily, taking into account that we are talking about one of the most energy-intensive appliances.


Let's see, then, what are the most common mistakes to emasculate in order not to damage the hair and ensure that it is shiny and hydrated.

  • It all starts with the shampoo and conditioner whose residues must be eliminated from the hair otherwise these, even if dried, tend to get dirty more quickly and must therefore be rewashed and further stressed.
  • First of all, it is always better to use a good quality hair dryer that breaks down the water molecules quickly and therefore dries faster. In this way, the hair remains under the effect of heat for a short time and is not damaged. Avoid buying Chinese products: it is a fake saving, and in the end, you only waste money.
  • After washing your hair, you must first pat it well with a towel wrapped in a "turban" around the head, so that it absorbs all the excess water. In this way, drying times are cut in half, which is another power saving. You can also use a clean cotton T-shirt or microfiber cloth, which is better than the usual towel you keep in the bathroom.
  • Before using the hairdryer, it is always advisable to use a Thermo protective cream that avoids the drying of the hair shaft, caused by the heat of the hairdryer.
  • Proper drying must be done by moving the hairdryer from the roots to the tips, not moving it in all directions, because doing so only risks knotting the hair. If these are thick, an intermediate heat should be used, if they are thin, lukewarm air should be used instead. Drying can start by holding the hairdryer at maximum power which, however, must be lowered when it is about to end. In any case, the nozzle must always be kept at a minimum distance of 20 cm from the hair to prevent them from burning. This must always be held vertically, never horizontally.
  • Upside down drying is preferable if you want to give volume to the hair and the hairdryer must be adjusted to a minimum, also to reduce energy consumption. The temperature should be warm and you can use your hands to model naturally, without brushes.
  • Each hair needs its own brush. The ceramic and metal brushes can overheat and burn the hair, therefore those with boar bristles are preferred, which are much more delicate. The fundamental thing is also not to touch the brush with the nozzle of the hair dryer, since not only can the hair be damaged but the brush itself can also be damaged.


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